Sunday, February 17, 2008

Featured Photo - 2/17

I never forget where my favorite girls came from, and that's easy to do when Cyber Girls are in question. In the early 2000's, Cyber Girls were a new idea, and many of them have faded away, many of them being all-time classics. Back then, Cyber Girls were unique and exotic, and always interesting. Not like today, where most of the girls are either too fake or too unworthy. In 2003, Merritt Cabal was selected as Cyber Girl of the Year, and boy, did she deserve it. Merritt was and still is one of the great Playboy talents of all-time, bringing about a low-key girl next door sensuality that was otherworldly.

It's clearly shown in this week's Featured Photo selection. In this one, Merritt was at her absolute best, being completely in the nude and strutting her stuff. Merritt was so appealing to me because of how damn good she looked naked. I mean, completely naked. Miss Cabal was outstanding without props, just her natural looks and wonderful body. She did it so well with her cute face and understated approach. Maybe she wasn't the most famous girl because of her lack of luster and pomp, but Merritt was definitely one of the greatest pure "lookers" in Cyber Girl history.

This photo really floored me because of how amazing Merritt's body looks from the side. In her other pictorials (which must be seen to be believed), Merritt's body is incredible, but the curvature and perfection can't be easily noticed. I think most of the time her girl-next-door charm overshadows just how voluptuous and awesome her body was, but this picture showed it beautifully. Also, the way she held her breasts up with her crossed arms and her slightly wet hair is draped over her face... priceless. Not to mention the photography quality is excellent, and the pink hues in the background complement her skin tone very well. An exemplary job is done by legendary George Georgiou in this one. I miss you, Merritt!

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