Sunday, February 17, 2008

#8 - Jaime Bergman

Putting aside all the talk about this year's big winners, let's delve more into the cream of the crop, with our #8 Greatest Playmate of All Time, Miss January 1999 Jaime Bergman. Jaime was truly an impactful and amazing Playmate, right in the middle of the so-called "Golden Era" of the late 90's, when Playmates were superstars, and every single one seemed to be a keeper. The class of 1999 was part of a "hall of fame" class complete with Stacy Fuson, Alex Karlsen, Natalia Sokolova, Tishara Cousino, Kim Spicer, Jennifer Rovero, Kristi Cline, PMOY Jodi Ann Paterson, and even Brooke Richards. It seemed like every single month in 1999 was a winner, and Jaime was the one to kick it all off as Miss January, beginning the final year of the millennium and ushering in an era of fine Playmates.

Jaime was something else, indeed. She was pure Playmate, to say the least. When the idea of the "Playboy Playmate" is conjured up in peoples' minds, they think of a sexy blond with sensibility and a strong sexual allure. A blue-eyed vixen with every feminine curve on her body, with costumes and photography that will leave you breathless. That's exactly what Jaime did, but in a new era. She took the idea of the "traditional blond" Playmate, and improved upon it extensively, with polished photography and exceptional awareness of her own strengths. And boy, did she have quite a few strengths! Jaime was and still is one of the most amazingly beautiful Playmates in history, and is a timeless example of how Playboy staples and tried and true traditions of the "blondes have more fun" philosophy still hold true today.

Jaime was also a very prolific Playmate with one of the most unique and memorable pictorials in recent times. Her recurring "cowgirl" look is a major part of her legacy as a Playmate, and she's instantly recognizable because of her southwestern flair. She does it in so many different ways, it's a sight to behold. In this classic outfit, Jaime's denim jeans and lacy and racy undergarments are gorgeously lit. Another of her looks is the ripped-away denim and cowgirl top, like in the timeless Pic 06. This photo is an example of Miss Bergman's awesome posing skills, showing a sexual, wistful girl with lots of posing talent. Perhaps her most defining moment, however, is Jaime's "phone call cowgirl" look. In this photo, it's demonstrated, and be sure to prepare yourself to become floored. In this series, Jaime wears nothing but a leather belt and cowboy hat, handling a cigar and payphone, and delivers dead-on poses with her glistening, naked body. It's nothing short of amazing what she can do with so little, as she hits some of her natural poses with great ease. It almost always seems like Jaime isn't even trying, like in this immaculate head shot, showing off her buttery smooth breasts.

Jaime continues the pictorial with her cutaway jeans and lace lingerie, but this time emphasizing her unbelievable features with perfect lighting. Striking a variety of mean poses, including this powerful side shot, Jaime tangos between looks of clear sexuality and playful innocence.

Another of Jaime's incredible features is her whimsical "fluttering night gown," which can be seen here. Again, Jaime delivers, here in yet another southwestern outfit, the leather chaps. One look at those amazing, piercing blue eyes and that silky smooth body, coupled with that platinum blonde hair, and it's hard to argue that you're setting your eyes upon one of the most beautiful women who has ever been. On top of it all, if you think you've seen it all, see the can't miss Pic 32, one of Jaime's absolute classics. This one tells her whole story with grace and a polished look that almost comes naturally. It becomes immediately obvious that Jaime can be outstandingly sexual, and can lure you with awesome costumes and great expertise, and she can do it all by contorting herself when necessary, or just letting the cameras watch while she idly heats things up with just one look.

Take one last look at these two photos (1 and 2) in series, and it sums up Jaime: pure heat, accentuated by her unique southwestern style. She's an all-American girl with plenty of talent, and a whole lot of body. She's tanned, her body is outstanding, and her face is angelic. Her ability to steal the camera for herself is seen in Pic 46, just another addition to her magnificent library of deadpan shots.

In addition to her classic centerfold, Jaime's strong body of work sums up why she should be #8 in our list of the greatest Playmates of all-time. Her impact on the Playboy world was felt immediately when she came about, lending her undeniably sexy style to the annals of Playboy history. She was sassy, cute, magnetic, bright, and always charming in every single shot. It was impossible to take a bad picture of her, and her photogenic appeal made her one of the greats. So, as we add yet another chapter to our growingly sexy countdown, girl #8 only proves that Playboy sets a standard which has continually been upheld, and has been honored even by models of late.

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