Wednesday, January 23, 2013

State of the Cyber Girls

I haven't touched on the state of the Cyber Girl world in quite some time - in fact, since Bethanie Badertscher was crowned Cyber Girl of the Year earlier this year. That's for a good reason: this year's crop of CGOM's has been absolutely abysmal. While last year we had Bethanie and fringe candidates like Beth Williams, Jennie Reid, Brittany Leigh, Elizabeth Mendez, and Reby Sky, this year we have no one of the sort.

Petite beauty Samantha Pirie
is one of the biggest
CGOM snubs this year
While in 2010 we had some viable alternatives, 2011 gives us jack squat, and we're in trouble for it. Veronica LaVery and Kayleigh Elizabeth seem like frontrunners, but extremely mediocre ones at that. No girl has had any semblance of a spark, and while the Playmate class has found their saviors in the last few months, we can only pray that Playboy will elect a CGOY out of the final few months, or we're in for a real bummer all next year.

Biggest CGOM Snubs

It's not that we haven't seen any great talent come through so far this year. They just haven't won.

First and foremost, the exclusion of Casey Lauren in favor of Kayleigh Elizabeth was a huge shame, but I've already said my two cents about that one. Casey, if she won the CGOM title, would possibly be the frontrunner for CGOY as we speak. With her sleek body and awesome look, it's way too bad, and we can only hope for an Xtra to see some more of her.

One of the huge snubs so far was back in January, where Samantha Pirie was passed over for Kaya Danielle. The cute-as-a-button Canadian was gorgeous in her pictorial, and her sweet and petite little body and adorable presence really should have won her the month and thrust her into the CGOY conversation. I was really looking forward to seeing her branch out into some more sexual material.

Can busty Andrea Leilani
save the dismal 2011 class?
The other potential star to be passed over was Jacinta Rokic, the Austrailian hottie from June who should be the current reigning CGOM. Instead, she was slighted in favor of blond Nicolette Shea, who doesn't have even a fraction of the beauty or talent that Jacinta has. Jacinta's sultry eyes and exotic European looks are extraordinary. I'm still in disbelief that she was dissed in favor of a completely inferior model, but it's not the worst we've seen, after all.

Potential Saviors

Fear not, because there's still time left in the year! What about next month, with clean-cut and intriguing beauty Brittany Alyse? While not seemingly having the depth of talent as other ladies, we might find that she's a star waiting to emerge.

Or better yet, sizzling Latina Andrea Leilani is equally mysterious, but might offer a fresh, interesting look with a bronzed body and curves to boot. Indeed, Andrea's innocent persona and more voluptuous frame make her a good choice.

Besides them, we're not seeing an influx of great candidates that would hope for. We've already seen the two groups of CGOW's left to fill the November and December CGOM spots, and it is, to say the least, incredibly unimpressive. Playboy missed some serious opportunities to boost the class early on, and now it seems that we might be stuck with the worst class of Cyber Girls in history.

Close Out Strong

Amanda, Miss October 2011
As we started 2011 with a string of disappointments at the Playmate position, it's only fitting that it comes back around. Playboy has always historically had their ebbs and flows, and it always seems as if great models come in waves. It usually coincides with milestone anniversary Playmate searches, where you'll see several women from the same talent pool featured in consecutive months (such as the Burciaga/Dastafieva combination a few years back). As redemption for this class, we're finally seeing the tide turn with some great talent streaming in.

Last month, we were graced with the seminal veteran talent of Tiffany Toth, who really brought a spark with her sparkling pictorial. For October, we find another fantastic entry in Amanda Cerny. Not only is Amanda an excellent and deserving Playmate, but she brings about a uniqueness that should ultimately go a long way in defining the 2011 class.

Indeed, Amanda gives the year an identity, finally. She possesses a lot of qualities that Miss Toth lacked - most notably, she's incredibly memorable. She has a fantastic level of variety in her crisp, polished pictorial, with an intro that can make your jaw drop. It's immediately apparent that Amanda has a kicker of a body, with strong, powerful legs and thick thighs that define her overall look. She establishes herself as a sultry, more nuanced Playmate than her predecessor, as her mysteriously intriguing facial features are always front and center.

Obviously, it's a given that Amanda's overall draw is her breathtaking body. We've seen some tight bodies so far this year (Toth, Hinton), but none have been as much of a spectacle in each and every shot. Amanda owns her pictorial, and the concept of using mirrors to accentuate her multidimensionality is a great move. Although she's not unusually tall, her frame allows her to look very long, and that works to her advantage wonderfully.

When taking all of Amanda's special quirks into account, though, you can tell that this isn't a 100%, truly polished model. She has some issues with her facial expressions, and her pictorial poses aren't always executed as flatteringly as possible, such as with her final few shots.

  • Face: B+
    All at once being her one of her greatest assets and her biggest flaws, her face is ethereal and angelic, with a half open mouth begging for the camera's attention. At times, however, she can look unnatural and inconsistent, becoming the issue with some photos.
  • Body: A
    Amanda has arguably the best body we've seen all year. While Tiffany is petite and nicely proportioned, Amanda's smooth, curvaceous frame is wonderful on camera. The addition of great pictorial techniques to photograph her full body just accentuates how excellently toned she is, especially at the lower body, with easily the best legs of 2011.
  • Talent: A
    While Amanda would otherwise be the most talented model of the year so far, she has hitches throughout her pictures, where she has issues holding back. At times, she can be a bit too physical with her posing, but when she hits a great pose, she hits it better than anybody.
  • Pictorial: A-
    Amanda's pictorial is creative and intriguing, with multiple themes complimenting her multifaceted, physical posing style. The use of mirroring in both her centerfold and the pictorial works great with her body, which is a knockout all-around. However well produced, though, it falls short at times, with some misses in her final voyeur-themed series.
  • Centerfold: A+
    Continuing on the usage of the mirror theme, Amanda pulled out one of the best centerfolds in years. It all comes down to those spectacular legs, whose tone comes through in almost magical fashion in a picture that can only be described as perfection.
  • Overall: A-
    Amanda, despite small shortcomings that prevent her from truly being the best model so far in 2011, is a very welcome addition to the 2011 class. In the end, she will go farther to define the class than any other model. With her unique, angelic face and a body to boot, she's already captured the hearts of fans all over, and instantly has placed herself in the conversation for Playmate of the Year. Whether she is an immediate favorite would be no surprise - her pictorial was executed amazingly, and she pulled out one of the best centerfolds I've seen in quite some time. With a cheery personality and a thorough, textbook posing style, we've possibly seen a PMOY blossom before our eyes. And with the issues with the rest of the ladies this year, Amanda might have the best opportunity to grab the ultimate prize that she possibly could.

Turning the Corner

Tiffany Toth
Miss September, 2011
So far this year, I've laid out my gripes time and time again. Along with countless other Playboy fans, I've been puzzled at this year's Playmate lineup, with the litany of mediocre talent that's coming out month after month, with almost no end in sight. We are already in the month of September, and so far we have not had a single girl at above a "B+" in my ratings system. The last time this has happened was... to long ago to mention.

Through all of this, I held out my optimism for the last few months of 2011. We have some promising  entries in the lineup, with October and November looking to be some winners. But little did I know that a much-heralded fan favorite would steal the show first.

Miss September, Tiffany Toth, is one of the more exposed Playboy models in recent years. She made her debut nearly a full six years ago, as Cyber Girl of the Week in 2005. She then steadily gained a huge fan following, with an appearance at Cyber Girl of the Month, a CG Xtra, and numerous other exclusive pictorial features. She built her reputation with a tight, long body and a squeaky clean appearance, year after year. However, I wasn't impressed.

I just could never fully appreciate the appeal of Tiffany. I found the constant attention to her posing style confusing, as she seemed plain and boring, with little resembling a hint of uniqueness. You can, then, understand my puzzlement with her selection for Playmate in an already down year.

Let's just say, Tiffany changed my opinion, and fast. What the Playboy editors have done here is take a solid, attractive model and turn her into a glimmering star. First, they have done wonders with her "Plain Jane" look, transforming her face from a sometimes awkward look to something amazing. Before, her facial features were odd, with some strange dimples and odd proportions. Now, she looks drop-dead stunning, with smoky accents and lovely curls that float along her face.

Her pictorial is very well-done. Although nothing revolutionary in terms of photography or content, they are working with a great talent, and shoot her as such. Her posing and body positions are excellently done, as it shows off her great curviness and petite size at the same time. Her posture is textbook posing, and the setting and costuming is never over the top, but tasteful and gorgeous.

One of the finer points of the pictorial is also the sense of the kind of model Tiffany is. She is a subtle model, who can exude elegance and maturity, while at the same time being able to take off and become the buxom bombshell that she truly is.

  • Face: A-
    I always saw Tiffany's face as her biggest weakness, and it still remains true, although the editors have made great strides on this. She still has some odd, puzzled looks here and there. But, her beautiful, smoky eyes and lovely smile are extremely photogenic, and her fluttering blonde locks are something to admire.
  • Body: A
    One of Tiffany's most endearing traits for the past six years has been her curvy but seemingly tall and slim body. She has taut, perky breasts while still maintaining a sleek waistline. Her bubbly butt is also surprising on such a petite, tall woman.
  • Talent: A+
    Tiffany may be the best pure talent since Katie Vernola, and her style is similar to Katie's as well. Her sparkling, polished persona is fun to watch, and she does an excellent job of balancing a girl next door attitude and a raw sensuality. She also is not as afraid as many recent ladies to show her labia, which is certainly a plus.
  • Pictorial: A
    Playboy's editors did a wonderful job of laying out a comfortable, low-key pictorial that prominently features the model, and doesn't add any distractions. Tiffany shines with excellent lighting and costuming, and the pictorial is cohesive and well-photographed to show off her great body.
  • Centerfold: A
    Another great surprise in Tiffany's repertoire, her centerfold is easily the finest since Miss Vernola's, and possibly better. Her pose shows off an awesome feminine strength that makes Miss Toth so innately attractive, but still highlights her vulnerability.
  • Overall: A
    I've gone on quite a bit more than usual about Tiffany, but as I've said already, this girl has got me pleasantly surprised. She is a home run for Playboy, and has single handedly saved an otherwise dismal year of flop after flop. While there have been a few highlights in 2011, Tiffany easily eclipses them all, and then some. She is experienced, and it shows greatly. Her sheer ability to execute a gorgeous pictorial makes her the frontrunner for PMOY 2012, and could carry her all the way to the finish line. She should be facing some serious competition for the next couple of months, but she could very well stand her own ground.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Joy of Porn Masturbation

I took off work early so I'd have some extra masturbation time. I checked out my blogs in case there were comments. I sure do like the babes I post so I did a little bit of jerking, and then I went to a porn site I visit on a regular basis. I went through the latest babe posts. There was a nice blond with small titties. 

She sure is nice looking. I stroke my little dick and carefully examine her body. My eyes go to her face and then to her little tit and then back to her face. I'm stroking and enjoying her beauty. I notice her nice hair, her face again, her tit and then her nice ass! I almost feel like cumming right now! But I've got a lot more masturbating to do so I move on. There's a brunette who's not too bad and another brunette who's kinda skinny. I pass those babes up with hardly a stroke or two (of course the reality of this all is they are both much too good for me and in real life I'd give my left nut to lick either one's pussy, but with all of this porn I can be choosy). A blond masturbating. Nice! Another cute blond showing off a very pretty pussy. That gets a few strokes as I fantasize about licking it. And now a blond with nice wide hips! That one gets more than a few strokes! And Violetta?

I'm going over this pic very closely. What a nice looking girl! Such a pretty face! Such a nice body! Such a nice feeling in my little dick as I stroke it. I really like the way her body is so nice and round in places! The color of her kin is so nice. And she's dressed in beads and black pumps! Very sexy! She looks a lot like Lily C., the third “Porn Masturbation Girlfriend” from one of my other blogs. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Maybe my pick-up line could be “Don't I know you from somewhere?” (But of course, with porn there's no need for a pick-up line. And that's good, since I'm no good at that sort of thing). 

I'm just staring at her face and masturbating. Such pretty eyes! Such a cute nose and mouth! Her hair sure is smart! And I like those little white ear rings, and those tits! Smooth tummy and those beads! Those legs! Oh, my dick feels so good! She's looking down at me while I jerk-off my little dick. She is so much better than I am. It's such a privilege to beat-off over her pics! If she's not Lilly C I think I've found a new Porn Masturbation Girlfriend! I should check very closely first. 

If you zoom in real close you'll see that she has a mole on her neck, near the green beads- just like Lily. And another on her arm, just left of her armpit- just like Lily. And if you zoom in between her legs you'll see her cunt! A sexy little tuff of hair and a red swollen clit! No doubt she's been playing with it! What I wouldn't give to kiss her thighs and lick her clit! No doubt Lily has another Alias! I sure hope she does a lot of posing under this one! I do so much enjoy masturbating to this woman! She's got red polish on her toe-nails! I'd like to see her have sex with some guy with a huge cock! Or even better, eight guys! By the way, Violette has appeared at another of my masturbation blogs as Lily C. What a beautiful woman! I took the pledge for her!

Masturbation Girlfriends

I've got lots of them. When I was in middle school I had a girl I liked to masturbate over. I was a bit wary of doing it to her since I was already very self-conscious whenever she was around and I kind of thought if I beat-off over her it would only make matters worse. But I just couldn't help myself. But mostly I beat-off over porn masturbation girlfriends.

My first were in the mag my brother swiped from my father's porn collection. I remember one part of this mag that had two babes, a brunette on the left and a blond on the right. They were both in black and white, wearing panties, but their tits were naked! I blew my load so many times for those two. I use to have trouble deciding which one I would give it up for. That's the thing about porn masturbation girlfriends, you might have two or even more, but in the end you can usually only give it up for one of them. So you have to decide. I wanted to cum to both. I'd stroke my dick for one, then the other. Mostly when I finally blew it I was looking at the blond.

Then there was Nancy Jo Hooper. Nancy was a Playmate centerfold! She was big and she was in color and she was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my short life as a masturbator. I'd stroke my dick as I gazed upon her lovely face. I'd stroke even faster as I looked at those tits of hers. They were so wonderful to masturbate over! My adolescent brain had not yet fully comprehended the female breast and I was fascinated (thing is, I still am). Then down to her soft, smooth tummy and then her thigh! I dumped so many loads of my young cum to that woman! I remember very well cause I've got a copy of that pic and I'm stroking to her right now! That's the thing about masturbation girlfriends. You might move on to other babes. They might show you more (I never got to see Nancy's pussy) and they might do cum-extracting lewd acts, but it's always nice to cum back to them after a long absence. I've looked for my first black and white masturbation girlfriends but so far they haven't shown up. I bet it would be fun to beat-off to them like old times though even though they are of low resolution and without color. Nancy looks pretty good though!

I made a masturbation girlfriends group at Yahoo and she's the covergirl. There's not much activity at that site though. Jessie Rogers is our fifth PMG over at my Porn Masturbation blog. I've cum to her quite a bit lately. But I really shouldn't have started back up with Nancy:

I'm ashamed to admit it

I'm ashamed to admit it...but...
 I ran across this link Which girl is making you cum right now. I'm sure many of us can relate to this question. There usually is some particular girl that is making me cum at any particular time. For me, it can change in an instant. But often I cum back and revisit my old flames. One of the guys posting said “Ok I'm ashamed to admit it...but Christina Lindberg”. I can relate to this too. I didn't know who she was, but looking her up, it seems that she is a Swedish model and actress born in 1950 who posed and acted nude in the 70s. I suppose this guy is ashamed of the fact that he is masturbating over old grainy pics of a lady who is getting up in the years by now. 

I looked around for some of her pics to check her out and this one is my favorite. She must have something of a following because there are 17 pages of her on Vintage Erotica Forums. I personally think she's cute but her boobs are a bit larger than what I usually masturbate to. However I went to the first of those 17 pages only to get a pic for this post and ended up going through all 17 pages. I attribute this partly to the fact that I was playing with my dick as I looked at her pics and partly to the thought that she had been making some other guy cum (I find the thought arousing). Truth be told, I imagine that all those ladies at Vintage Erotica Forums have guys masturbating over their pics (myself included). Like I said, I can relate to this because I was initially a little hesitant to post about the fact that I like to beat-off over Jennifer Aniston. 

Here's one of my favorite pics of Jennifer (and I have lots of favorites of her). So what could be embarrassing about beating-off over Jennifer? In the first place, it would be embarrassing for me to publicly admit to masturbating period. Writing about it anonymously in a blog is a different story. Besides that, Jennifer is clothed. Normal red-blooded men jerk-off over naked women, preferably with big breasts. Anyway I've creamed to this particular pic a number of times. One reason I like it is that Jennifer is smiling as if to say that she's amused that I'm masturbating over her but I certainly am never going to get to see her nude, let alone touch her in any way. Another reason I like it is that her sexy thighs are showing! If you share my obsession with Jennifer you might consider joining Jennifer Aniston Masturbation at Yahoo groups.

 A lot of what I've posted on this blog is potentially embarrassing. Sometimes I have to force myself to do it. Perhaps that is because my masturbation habits are perverse. How did they become so twisted? Society doesn't encourage us to masturbate. Society encourages us to have intercourse with the opposite sex. Society also encourages having sex with someone you are married to. If you have sex in this socially approved way the two of you keep the sex act in check. The male takes his position on top even though he secretly wants her up there. The female is on her back even though she would like to dominate every once in awhile. But since sex with a partner involves another person you both try to live up to what you feel are the other persons expectations. As a result, most couples probably don't try out things like bondage. Masturbation is different. You might feel a bit uneasy the first time you blow a load over bondage pics, but there probably won't be anyone around to tell you it's perverse and depraved. You might be innocently surfing the web for pics of good looking naked women, playing with your dick the whole time, when suddenly you run across this damsel in distress: 

You can't help noticing her tits, and how about that pussy? A couple more strokes and she's looking better and better. Then you can't help but wonder what you might do if you were to somehow run across a women in this condition. You should untie her, but maybe you'd feel up one of those sexy nipples first- just one. Or maybe you'd get down on your knees and bury your face in her pussy, Either way, I'm sure she won't ask why you would want to do something like that. And the more you stroke your dick while you ogle her body the better this pic looks and the more purulent thoughts go through your mind. Maybe you'll go ahead and cum to it, just this once. Next thing you know, you're masturbating to all sorts of deviant porn. Not just pretty girls, but bondage, bukkake, and buttfucking. All because it's just you without that partner to keep you in line. It starts with a few innocent strokes of your dick which soon leads to blowing your load over one of these pics and then after multiple orgasms you have another obsession. With solitary sex there's no one to keep you on the straight and narrow- it's just one slippery slope after another.

 Actually society wants to control everything you do. You are suppose to work hard for food, shelter, and sex. The food and shelter part is obvious, but what about sex? Well, if you save yourself for marriage, then you need to save up for that expensive engagement ring, all the wedding things, and that house, the threshold of which you are going to carry your wife over. Then you can have an orgasm every other Saturday night provided it is done in the missionary position and doesn't take too long. But masturbation is different. It is outside of society. You can do it whenever and however you want. Such a powerful source of pleasure and all you have to do is handle your genitals correctly. Society can't tax it, regulate it, or otherwise insure you work hard to be able to afford it. Solitary masturbation doesn't (necessarily) involve society (other people). But society does have one thing- guilt!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

PBC Hall of Fame - Carol Imhof (1970)

One of my very favorite classic Playmates is the incredibly angelic Carol Imhof, Miss December 1970. Still one of the iconic Miss Decembers in Playboy's history, Carol holds a special place in my heart, as well as the heart of countless other Playmate fans.
Miss December 1970

Carol was not my pick for PMOY in 1971, but that's only because she was matched up by the beautiful Jen Liano, also a PBC Hall member. However, in any other year in the decade, Carol would have taken things by storm.

Carol really carried the torch and set the standard for women in the '70's, and was a perfect cap to the 1960's era of ladies. Unlike Miss Liano, Carol is more of an archetype of the era, more voluptuous and curvy while still maintaining the short and stout frame that was the norm. These weren't the overly polished women of today, but they still resembled Hollywood glamour like they just don't do nowadays.

Indeed, everything about Carol straddles the line between high-end starlet and everyday girl down the street. Her face, to this day, is the stuff of legends. Her eyes alone should be in my hall of fame, always filling a photo with a bright beacon and becoming the central focus of any shot. Carol's angelic look was transcendent, and makes you sit back and think. Since today we overvalue the shock value of some taut, fake breasts and closely exposed genitalia, we miss out on true starpower like we see with Miss Imhof. This is a relic of a bygone era, to be celebrated.
  • Face: A+
    Carol's face is still one of the greatest in Playboy history, along with greats such as Cynthia Myers and Jennifer Liano. Her spectacularly deep eyes and subtle innocence make her one of the most endearing and beloved Playmates in history.
  • Body: A-
    Having the curvaceous and buxom frame of Playmates in the late 1960's, Carol's follows the trend, with large, tangible breasts that are shot gorgeously throughout her pictorial. Almost perfectly shaped and never too large, they complement an otherwise nicely tapered physique.
  • Talent: A
    A glance here, a flashing of the lashes there, a flutter of the hair or a serene and inviting look. Carol's style is classic and timeless, with understated beauty and passive posing executed wonderfully.
  • Pictorial: A+
    As I said above, Carol's passive posing style plays to her strengths perfectly here. She never does too much to break the relaxed atmosphere of her photo set, and never gets in the way of her own innate beauty. She doesn't have to try too hard to look spectacular.
  • Centerfold: B+
  • Overall: A+
    Reminiscing about beauties of the early days of Playboy is a pleasure, and looking back at women like Carol are the reasons why. While what we find attractive has truly changed, with models' bodies and posing styles evolving constantly, one thing is certain: beauty sells. In that vein, Carol produced, and brought home some seriously sexy shots while just being herself. It's a mentality that many a model nowadays can learn from - keeping it simple can speak volumes.

Erika Michelle Barre Wallpaper

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Bland Blonde

Karina, Miss January
We had a pretty good 2012 class. Top to bottom, there was some good depth of talent, apparently some of the best we had in years. But as I've said before, there was never a defining knockout Playmate, who truly reshaped and redefined the direction of Playboy as a brand.

We haven't had a woman like that in forever. It feels like the last truly impactful models were Katie Vernola and Hall of Famer Amy Leigh Andrews back in 2010. Since then, we've had a collection of retreads, and even the greats (Toth, Horton, Chesnes) never could break through to that iconic status. So, we hope for lucky number 2013 to bring us that really special girl that tickles our fancy and drops our jaws.

Unfortunately, we'll need to wait another month. Miss January is Karina Marie, who kicks things off in a very underwhelming fashion. It's actually quite astounding how vanilla this Playmate is. It's not even easy to call Karina a "safe" choice, as she's way beyond that. This is a downright boring, uninteresting, and untalented Playmate who's taking up a spot where others may be far more deserving.

Karina's sneering, unattractive, and squinty gaze is never the attention grabber that we expect in Playmates nowadays. She sits in most of her photos, passive and expressionless, with little to offer in terms of true visual stimulation. The most we get out of her in the way of 'posing' is a slight flutter of the hair, a little forced grin, and a little budge of the nondescript features of her body to show that she's actually active.

When it comes to physical qualities, Karina suffers just as much. Her body is as bland and pointless as her posing, lacking any true contour or character at all. Her pale skin and overly slim build just doesn't look good in the camera's scrutinizing gaze, and her genitals are completely missing from view.

  • Face: C+
    I guarantee that I won't be able to recall Karina's face a few months into 2013, without a doubt. Her angular face and lack of any character comes with nary a single smile. There's nothing but a dismal and unrecognizable sneer all over.
  • Body: B-
    Easily one of the worst Playmate bodies we've seen in a few years, Karina leaves a ton to be desired. Her tall frame is far underweight, leading to a rippling and slim body with absolutely no curvature to offer any semblance of a silhouette. She has not a single defining feature, and then some, and her underexposed pictorial set doesn't help at all.
  • Talent: B-
    Karina is a lifeless and tiresome girl without a single glimmer of talent throughout her photo set. She barely moves an inch, and each position does nothing to make up for her ultimately uninspiring body.
  • Pictorial: C+
    There's just nothing here. It's ok to an extent that Karina is a dismally boring model, but to make matters worse, there's nothing sexually charged about these photos at all. It's just a model who happens to be naked, who lacks all balance whatsoever.
  • Centerfold: B-
    A thoughtless, lame centerfold is just too fitting for Karina.
  • Overall: C+
    You can tell that I just didn't enjoy Karina, as I felt she had no business being a Playmate. Sadly, it's a position that's seen better days, and the best classes of Playmates are far behind us. With women like Karina, it only feels like those great days are that much farther away, and that they'll never return again. She is an entirely uninspired choice by the editors, with no talent or physical strengths at all. The most you can say about her is that she's all-natural, but then again, so are most women. A forgettable Playmate to start off what will hopefully be an unforgettable year.
Then again, even the best classes didn't always start off with the best Miss Januaries. How about Shawn Dillon, the petite hottie that's tabbed for Miss February? Hopefully things are pointing up!