Monday, February 4, 2008

#9 - Tiffany Fallon

You might be interested to know that our first single-digit Playmate is not a time-tested classic or a Golden Era beauty, but instead is Tiffany Fallon, Miss December 2004. Tiffany was a true Playboy superstar who was the brightest of a bunch of Playmates that were new and fresh. The class of 2004 was an exceptional bunch, complete with 50th Anniversary Playmate Colleen Shannon, Sandra Hubby, Hiromi Oshima, Pilar Lastra, Kimberly Holland, and reality star Cara Zavaleta. Even with all these newfound stars and icons, 2004 was won by Tiffany, who earned the 2004 Playmate of the Year award and immediately was enshrined in the annals of Playboy greatness. Her extensive photography work far outreaches the confines of Playboy, having been featured in her own website and an extensive PMOY collection of over 30 pictorials and dozens of videos. However, it's not her prolific abilities that got her into the Top 10.

Instead, it was Tiffany's exuberant charm and outright femininity that got her here at #9. Indeed, Tiffany was a welcome change of pace, since her talent being able to have an uncanny talent of combining elements of Playboy past and present. On one hand, Tiffany absolutely hearkens back to the 50's and 60's, when models were simply stunning and sported bright eyes and big, glossy smiles. They were the prototypical "pin-ups" that deserved to be revered as perfect female specimens. Tiffany brought that into the modern day with stunning talent. On top of all that, she was also polished and sported the sexual talents of a modern girl, therefore taking that "elite" Playmate look of the past and combining it with variety and sensuality. The combination of these elements makes for a Playmate that has received recent attention, but will go down in history as a revivalist Playmate with loads of talent. The fact that she is able to put together so many pictorials and look stunning in them all is a testament to her powerful statement on modeling.

Tiffany's PMOM collection was picture-perfect. Being a December Playmate, she lived up to expectations of such title holders with a gorgeous Christmas pictorial, complete with holly and pomp. Her sexy outfit quickly gave way to nude posing with some fishnet stockings that totally stole the scene. Sporting a perfect smile in this bust shot, her blue eyes and raven black hair were the things dreams were made of. Particularly striking was her camera presence, which was shockingly subtle but so enthusiastic that she lit up the camera overwhelmingly. Tiffany was unbelievable in her proportions, with a nice set of hips (her measurements: 34C-23-35 - the combination of that small waist and ample hips made her breathtaking) accentuated everywhere. The "hourglass" figure can be characterized by Tiffany's masterpiece of a body. Tiffany also turned it on when it mattered most, with this pillow shot exuding sexual desire. She flipped her hair and spread her legs, and it was instantly a home run with every shot. She ended her Christmas pictorial laying down and crossing her arms, bringing out her curves along her golden brown skin.

Before moving to some of her greatest PMOY shots, take a look at her centerfold. It's worth it. Just take a look at those too-amazing-for-words eyes over that pearly white smile, and you have a true winner on your hands. Speaking of her extensive PMOY work, not going through too many details, one pictorial you MUST see is this one. In it, Tiffany is all-natural and without props or gimmicks, simply showing off her outstanding posing talent with one great shot after another. My absolute favorites (and some photos that might have vaulted Tiffany to #9 in the first place) are this engaging and awesome shot of her crossing her legs and staring down the camera, and this masterfully lit photo of her kneeling down and exposing those perfect breasts and silky skin. It might just be too good for words. If you still need your Tiffany fix, check out this photo, which I think perfectly shows off her proportions... they're perfect in all the right ways.

So, you can see, one word can describe Tiffany that I used earlier: masterpiece. Her body is a masterpiece. Her collection is a masterpiece. Her whole reign as Playmate of the Year was perfect, and her body and style are what make Playboy so attractive in the first place. She is and was everything that a great Playmate is supposed to be. It obviously stands as a true sign that even as we progress and are looking for new talent in Playboy, every day we find new surprises left and right. Even the classics have some competition with girls of today every now and then.

So, with that, we kick off the single-digits in a marathon to the finish. You see from Tiffany that these are truly the leaders of the pack. We've spared nothing in finding the girls who truly were the most influential and sexy Playmates of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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