Thursday, February 7, 2008

CGOY 2008 Polls: Up For Grabs

Looking at the polls as the CGOY 2008 candidates near the announcement of the winner, the race for Cyber Girl of the Year couldn't be tighter. If you think people have divided opinions during the Presidential primary races, wait 'til you see what people think about the twelve girls running for this title. The winner will be announced next month, and so far, people have voted in several polls that show close races and extremely different opinions on each. There aren't any real consensuses of a clear winner, and that's what makes this race all the more interesting.

Primary Single-Choice Forum Poll (mike909)
(The number in the brackets { } shows the difference between PlayboyCritic ranking and poll results ranking. A positive score means the model's poll results are higher than the ranking.)

J. Hurt - 22.78% {+3}
2. J. Beyor - 17.72% {+8}
3. J. Garcia - 17.09% {-2}
4. P. Mikula - 10.76% {+1}
5. M. Dylan - 9.49% {+1}
T6. A. Jae - 5.06% {+1}
T6. S. Harris - 5.06% {+2}
8. N. Erminia - 4.43% {+1}
9. B. Anna - 3.80% {-6}
10. K. O'Connor - 1.90% {-8}
11. M. Francis - 1.27% {E}
12. S. Olson - 0.63% {E}

This poll was certainly a surprise, and just illustrated to me the differing views of most people. Compared to my ranking, the results of the poll were radically different, with some striking changes. Most notably, the meteoric rise of Jillian Beyor, who placed an astounding 2nd here and 10th in my ranking, was startling. I couldn't believe that she had garnered so much fan support. I knew all along that she was popular with the regulars, but not this much! Jillian has a true shot at winning the CGOY nomination if this keeps up, and she would certainly be a true darkhorse candidate in my mind, as she wasn't even close to being on my list.

A huge disappointment for me in this poll was also Kortnie O'Connor, who pretty much switched places with Miss Beyor. I had it in mind in January, right as Kortnie came out, that she'd at least be a favorite to win the nomination, let alone become CGOY. Now, it looks pretty bleak for her. I don't think it's possible that she could recover, and that's a huge disappointment, seeing as how gorgeous she is. Brie Anna was also a girl I liked who voters are obviously not responding to.

It's interesting to see Jennifer Hurt as a clear frontrunner with almost 23% of the vote. My favorite, Jo Garcia, trails quite a bit with 17%, but it's within striking range, especially since this poll is only a small sampling. Overall, the poll is one of the most important since it's a "single choice, single vote" poll, and so it really shows a lot about voting patterns. In those terms, I could even see Patrycja Mikula within striking distance for the nomination, but it'll be tight!

Multiple-Choice Forum Poll (stla99)

1. J. Garcia - 33.06% {E}
2. J. Hurt - 32.23% {+2}
3. J. Beyor - 26.45% {+7}
4. P. Mikula - 19.01% {+1}
5. M. Dylan - 16.53% {+1}
6. S. Harris - 14.88% {+2}
T7. K. O'Connor - 9.09% {-5}
T7. N. Erminia - 9.09% {+2}
T7. A. Jae - 9.09% {E}
10. B. Anna - 8.26% {-7}
11. M. Francis - 5.79% {E}
12. S. Olson - 3.31% {E}

This poll is a little less revealing about actual results, since it allows voters to pick second or third choices, as well. You see that when this is opened up, Jo Garcia takes #1 because of just how many supporters she has in general. However, we still see a clear Top 3, with Jillian Beyor and Jennifer Hurt mounting a stunning run to the finish. Miss Hurt is certainly a power player, as she's showing that she can stick with the best, and had a very narrow margin in this poll. A few more votes could vault her to #1, so it's not unlikely that she would have gotten #1 in all polls. In that case, obviously Jennifer has a very high average score, and will be a true power player down the stretch. I still can't see Jillian taking the crown, since she lacks memorable shots and a true aggressive campaign. It's also tough to see Patrycja Mikula being of any threat, since the margins between her and the top are rather wide.

The rest of the pack seems to be the same, with Kortnie O'Connor still being a major disappointment at 7th place. It's sad that she can't garner much attention. It could be attributed to a "memory effect" experienced in these Playboy elections, where early candidates have a tough time penetrating. However, that's a hard sell for such a huge drop like Kortnie's. Alas, I think we can count her out.

So, what have we learned? Anything can happen. Garcia, Beyor, and Hurt are the clear contenders for the award, and others in the middle of the pack, like Miss Mikula and Mallory Dylan, can possibly make a push if there was some sort of miraculous shift in opinion or the release of a bonus pictorial (highly unlikely, given that it would be unfair). Should be a good race down the stretch!

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