Sunday, December 30, 2007

Featured Photo - 12/30

This week's featured photo is a breathtaking shot of some of my favorite Playboy twins, the recent Misses December 2003, Sarah and Deisy Teles. The minute I heard the news that these brilliant Brazilian twins would be Playmates, it excited me to the point where I wished for a dynamic posing style similar to the Bernaola twins of 2000. Great chemistry makes great duos, and Sarah and Deisy were no different.

This shot is from their portfolio series, and depicts them taking an outdoor beachside shower. I loved the premise of the sudsy set, since it allowed both girls to really play off each other and feed off of the intense sexual aura by touching each other and lathering each other down. The result was a shot like this one. I always love it when two girls go back to back and almost show a 360-degree view of their bodies, and these twins have almost identical bodies with awesome features. The girls grind up against each other in this pictorial in a pseudo-sexual pose, while Sarah's soaped-up ass is front-and-center. The sense of pleasure in Deisy's facial expression is very awesome, and it's just an overall natural shot full of passion. Beautiful!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

CGOM Movers and Shakers

The Cyber Girl year comes to an end with all of the monthly contenders in for the final race. The Cyber Girl of the Year is an especially important race, since the winner shows us her goods for an entire year, month-by-month in extensive pictorials. We're getting Breann McGregor right now, and we have to unfortunately endure her monotony and lack of variety month after month. Maybe next year we can do better, folks?

That's why I urge you all to vote for CGOY, including regular Playmate voting. The year closed out with Brie Anna, a lovely girl. I'm on the verge of working on a Cyber Girl review of candidates for CGOY 2008, so stay tuned for a complete review and ranking of the contenders for this crucial award.

In the meantime, let's run down the next couple of months and the pictorials that I think will win these CGOW's their monthly nominations for the next race. These girls, in my opinion, should be immediate contenders for CGOY 2009, so let's get an early start on the new year!

January 2008 - Meghan Allen
I mentioned Meghan a while back when her striking beauty caused me to notice her over Francessca DeMarco in September. Meghan is awesomely proportioned, has gorgeous hair, and incredible, piercing eyes. She might look like a prototypical blond girl at first, but look closer and she's really quite nice to look at. I'm just itching to see next month when we find out the winner... and the thought of Meghan in a whole series of month-long pictorials makes me want to ring in the new year with hope. She'd be a great contender for CGOY 2009, also. Look at this shot and I dare you to tell me otherwise!

Other Scores:
Angi Mari Yangas - B
Francessca DeMarco - B+
Maryann Murray - C

Consensus... A-

Meghan Allen
Cyber Girl of the Week
September 2007

February 2008 - Caitlin Ferguson
Caitlin came out on top for me in a tough to call race in October, where she went neck-and-neck with Melany Denyse, a brunette cutie with a fantastic body. But it was Miss Ferguson's whimsical look, pretty face, and great posing style which garner her major points for the narrow win. Neither of these two girls are real CGOY contenders, but Caitlin pulled out a narrow victory in my mind. Her pictorial was just plain hotter, and her sexy outfit was really a sight to see. She knows how to strike some pouty poses, as well, really working the camera with her slim figure. While it's obvious that Melany had the better body, it's easy to figure out what I prize most in my Playboy girls, and that's talent over physique any day.

Other Scores:
Debbi Davids - B-
Amanda Hanshaw - C+
Sara Stokes - C
Melany Denyse - B+

Consensus... B+

Caitlin Ferguson
Cyber Girl of the Week
October 2007

March 2008 - Trina Marie

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Trina Marie has one of the most impressive CGOW pictorials I've ever seen. The buzz says it true: fans are crazy about Trina, a San Mateo, CA audition candidate who's apparently been picked for a great opportunity. Watch out, everybody, this one's a keeper. Not only should Trina most definitely be Cyber Girl of the Month for March, but perhaps she should be CGOY for 2009. Yes, she's that good from just her first, and unless she really finds some way to misallocate all of her wonderful talent, she just might be a shoo-in after her monthly pictorials come out. You may remember me giving Trina's pictorial rave reviews when it came out in this article. I'm still crossing my fingers that she gets the pick with her radiant beauty and awesome skills. She's got some worrisome competition from April Ireland, and it's the only thing that could stand in her way. Problem is, we're going to have to wait until March to find out.

Other Scores:
Amanda Batt - C-
April Ireland - B+
Kristy Joe - C+

Consensus... A

Trina Marie
Cyber Girl of the Week
November 2007

April 2008 - Adrianna Kroplewska
The girls of December look like a great bunch with beauty and grace, but it was Adrianna who really dazzled me the most. Sure, there's another entrant left to be discovered for next week, but I can't help but declare Adrianna the winner. Adrianna has a wonderful face and a finely sculpted body that already looks like it belongs in the CGOY 2009 race. But let me stress this: her face is really striking. Maybe it's some sort of European genetics or something, but Adrianna is amazingly hot. She works the camera like a Playmate but exudes all the sex that a Cyber Girl would have. A real contender for 2009, indeed.

Other Scores:
Destiny White - B
Erica Lee Chevillar - B-
Ashley Lynn - B
Shelley Russell - TBD

Consensus... B+

Adrianna Kroplewska
Cyber Girl of the Week
December 2007

Featured Photo - 12/23

I thought I'd start a new feature on this blog, titled "Featured Photo," where I post outright a classic photo that I think is one of the most influential or well-produced and captured photos in recent memory. These photos have to be the cream of the crop, either bringing up names of relatively unknown Playboy models or seasoned Playmates, doing what they do best and striking a pose that can only be struck once in a lifetime. I'll present these about weekly, although they may be further in between occasionally.

So for my first entry, here you have it -

This photo by Teri Marie Harrison, Miss October 2002, is her very best and one of the edgiest and most surprising photos in Playboy's past. Playboy is a world where the girls often cite their sexual interests, and often even intimate about them in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, but rarely put it on display. Sure, the gals get naked, but there's more to it than that... it's working the camera and showing it. In this photograph, Teri really made it hers. She took the vibrator into her underwear without turning it too lewd or crossing the line of classiness, while maintaining an air of incredible sexuality and feminine power. The outfit complements her fantastically, and Teri is also one of the best Playmates to come out in the past 10 years, so that doesn't hurt, either. Take a look at that facial expression, and it says it all -- this girl is having a good time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2008 Playmate of the Year Candidates

Yes, it is early December. And yes, Playboy doesn't award its prestigious Playmate of the Year award until May of the award year. But we've just closed out a year of lovely beauties, and there's no reason not to pick a frontrunner this early on. As the buzz sets in, I'll keep everyone updated on what the big user picks are, but as for right now, it's time for us to remember 2007 and see how it all unfolded...

Jayde Nicole - Miss January 2007
Jayde was a surprising new face in a field of small-breasted blondes which was the trend for 2006. Instead, this dark haired angel came on with lustrous, sparkling eyes and a wintertime pictorial that charmed and shone all throughout January.
The Good: Jayde's beautiful face and eyes are the centerpiece of her pictorials, not to mention her slim frame and excellent butt. Her gorgeous eyes and awesome ass can be seen here. Of course, if it wasn't for Jayde's intense sexuality, she probably wouldn't be a prime PMOY contender, but she absolutely is. This shot with legs wide open tells the story of Jayde's wild side.
The Bad: Jayde's figure is indeed a bit slim and she could use some more curves up front. Her breasts are a tad small but well-proportioned for her style and look. She's also a little bit inconsistent in her posing, but not enough to be overly concerned.
Posing: B+
Body: B
Face: A
Pictorial: B+
Overall: B+

Heather Rene Smith - Miss February 2007
Injecting a long-haired Californian blonde is common Playboy fare, and it had to be done early on this year before the real fireworks started. Heather is an on-and-off poser with a very pretty face and a body that could kill... literally. With such a muscular physique and some excellent talent, Heather was definitely a fun girl to look at... no doubt about it.
The Good: Let's not beat around the bush: Heather Smith's body is phenomenal. It could take the cake as one of the smoothest, finest bodies I've ever seen. That alone is enough to garner her lots of accolades. I absolutely love these shining, glistening photos of her simply hanging around. She certainly takes care of that body, and her front and back are just perfect. And she closes out her pictorial wonderfully, and effortlessly cuts a beautiful centerfold.
The Bad: There's one major thing that keeps Heather from being a true PMOY contender: she's ultimately forgettable. Not that her body needs any more praise or backing from me, but her face doesn't always deliver. She also is extremely inconsistent in posing... the photos I picked out are just about the only spectacular ones. She hasn't garnered much attention from the fans because of her platinum blonde look, as well. If physique were the only criterion in this contest, it's probably be Heather hands-down.
Posing: C+
Body: A+
Face: B-
Pictorial: B-
Overall: B

Tyran Richard - Miss March 2007
Coming in for March was 24-year old Cajun queen Tyran Richard, who was a breath of fresh air after bright-eyed and polished girls like Jayde and Heather. Tyran was more mature and incredibly sexual in her photos. At the time, she was surely winning fans over with her intense posing abilities, and she got me into it, too.
The Good: Looking at her photos, you'd be hard pressed not to notice that Tyran has got amazing posing talent. Bedroom lingerie shots like this one transitioning into this dim-light curvy sight were sumptuous and incredible. Tyran delivers with incredible sexuality - something that couldn't be completely palpable with the first two girls.
The Bad: Tyran might look a tad bit too mature in some of her photos, like her centerfold. It's almost too uptight and professional at times... sometimes you just want to sit back and see Tyran let loose, but the honesty just doesn't come through in some photos, keeping her looking emotionally too old (certainly not like a 24 year old girl).
Posing: A-
Body: B+
Face: B
Pictorial: A-
Overall: B+

Giuliana Marino - Miss April 2007
In April we got a taste of German Playmates, and the first German superstar since Janine Habeck of last year was German PMOY Giuliana Marino. Although her centerfold was impeccable and I can see how the Germans reacted to such a beauty, her bubbly, feminine nature still leaves something to be desired. However, for fans, she has received very good reaction and may gain a slim edge there.
The Good: As mentioned, Giuliana is an excellently feminine specimen of a model. Her full lips and pretty face are great, and her spunk and energy make her great in a pictorial or video setting. Costuming is key with Giuliana, with great photos coming with proper lingerie or just a setting where she looks like she's having fun.
The Bad: For me, Giuliana just doesn't do it. She doesn't have the Playmate magic to even begin to contend for PMOY, and she doesn't even have what it takes to be PMOM, in my opinion. She's just not that special in her looks, and if the Germans saw something in her, then they must have viewed a different Giuliana than was presented to us in the States. I think it's all in the pictorial, as a Playmate is only as great as the photos shot of her - and Miss Marino's pictorials aren't anything to write home about.
Posing: B-
Body: B-
Face: B+
Pictorial: C
Overall: C+

Shannon James - Miss May 2007
May brought it on, and at first, they were going for what looked to be a typical platinum blonde to fill in the "Hefmate" gap that was missing so far this year. But instead, they gave us Shannon James, a stunning blonde, and one of the very best up-and-coming beauties in Playboy. Howard Stern found Shannon on his show, and identified her as a potential superstar, and boy, was he right.
The Good: Shannon's allure lies in her great pictorial for May and her excellent photogenic qualities. She just shines in front of the camera, and was an excellent Playmate pick for the spring, since her colors and qualities meshed with the season perfectly. Shannon did a great job of changing settings in her pictorial, with great ones from the rainstorm, the pool parlor, and just lounging around. Shannon's hair, the look in her eyes, and her flawless posing make her a great candidate.
The Bad: Shannon's proportions aren't anything special, and she's a bit too slim for her size. However, those can be overlooked because of her pretty nature. Aside from that, there's little to complain about, because her posing is consistent even if she changes pictorial themes and outfits.
Posing: A-
Body: B-
Face: A-
Pictorial: A+
Overall: A-

Brittany Binger - Miss June 2007
Halfway through the year, we found Playboy keeping things fresh with yet another amazing pick. Brittany was sexy, unique, and sultry all at the same time. Her personality came out in her pictorials and her smile and exotic qualities made her quite the catch. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Brittany was her strong pictorial, which blended some old techniques and new concepts to create a mighty interesting batch.
The Good: Brittany's pictorial, that's what's mighty good. Here's a girl who can take on many different looks, from sexy siren to golden-brown beach girl. Then she can turn it all around and be a typical girl next door with a commanding presence. And boy, does that look want to make you melt. Brittany has a way of looking at the camera in a demanding, angry sort of way that makes you want to smile. And if you haven't noticed already, take a look at her ridiculous proportions, and you'll wonder what kind of genetics there had to be to bring about such an unexpectedly hot woman.
The Bad: Bad? What? There's almost nothing bad about Brittany, but if you must insist, her smile is sometimes a little too much, and her face doesn't always proportionally stack up well. However, her inconsistent posing is made up for by the fact that she does some mighty awesome posing much of the time.
Posing: A-
Body: A-
Face: B+
Pictorial: A+
Overall: A

Tiffany Selby - Miss July 2007
In the summertime, Playmates have a different feel: they're tanned, they have beach pictorials, and their production gives it a bright tinge of summer fun. Tiffany had all of that in July, but she just didn't have enough to stand apart from the crowd. A tanned Florida beauty with plenty of spunk and beauty, she would thrive in any lesser year, but she turned out to be a Hef-type blonde without a whole lot of uniqueness to offer. The question is: how does she stack up against competition in 2007?
The Good: Tiffany is tall (5' 7") and slim, and has a hard, smooth body and a beautiful tan. She's just beautiful, a platinum blonde beach girl from head to toe. Photos of her behind make it obvious that she's probably got one of the hardest bodies so far this year, maybe only second to Heather. Curves and class are what Tiffany offers, and her face is beautiful, as well. Tiffany's last few photos are what got me really excited: does she look like a bronzed goddess, or what?
The Bad:
While stacked to the max and incredibly pretty, Tiffany doesn't get the job done when it comes to "wowing" the crowd. She does her part in her pictorial and looks great doing it, even with the right dose of sex in addition to her polished posing ability. But not once in her pictorial do you go: I'll remember this one afterwards. Yet another pretty but forgettable blonde.
Posing: B+
Body: A
Face: B
Pictorial: B
Overall: B

Tamara Sky - Miss August 2007
A lovely Puerto Rican DJ named Tamara greeted us in August, mixing things up with a sultry and exotic flavor that was a great addition to a year with already so much variety. Tamara has a different sort of look, and definitely brought something new to the table for PMOY consideration, and from the looks of it, her fan base is steadily growing.
The Good: One thing's for sure: stacked, curvy bodies are the new thing for this generation of Playmates. Big breasts, big butts, and big curves put together the modern Playmate, and Tamara's body is an archetype of the fact. Tamara's body is phenomenal and as twisty and turny as you can get. Her face is also exotic, and those pouty lips and engaging eyes complement her body very well. I think that Tamara is really at her best when she's turned around, because as her awesome centerfold shows, her butt is breathtaking.
The Bad: Tamara seems to be all attitude, but no emotion. She barely ever smiles, barely even has great posing positions, and doesn't really hit all the pictorial segments you want her to. Like I said, she's best photographed from the back, but from the front, she's just mediocre. Her exotic appeal doesn't even carry her through the moments where she isn't all that special, and she's not pretty enough to make up for her horrible posing. It's a shame that these features drag her down.
Posing: C
Body: A
Face: B-
Pictorial: C+
Overall: C+

Patrice Hollis - Miss September 2007
Mixing it up yet again with an ebony beauty, Patrice Hollis took centerstage in September. She instantly became a bit of a fan favorite after creating a buzz with her all-natural and buxom body and her piercing looks and posing ability. She definitely put a new twist on the 2007 race, and cashed her checks with style and class. Invariably, black Playmates have to contend with being compared with great black Playmates of the past, like Neferteri Shepherd or Nicole Narain. So how did she stack up?
The Good: All-natural is the word to describe Patrice. In a world of non-natural girls all over the place, Patrice comes in with natural DDD breasts. Her body is great and voluptuous, and she poses like a professional, taking great candid shots and playful ones, as well. And did I mention Patrice has a great body? She can work it with attitude, and that's something that Playmates have to have in order to be superstars.
The Bad: Patrice isn't all that she possibly could be. She poses and looks great... most of the time. She's often inconsistent, doesn't always have the right moves, and her body isn't completely flawless, either. She has the voluptuous front side, but what happened to her ass in some of the pictures? It's like it disappears and returns again and again. It's hard to see a Playmate who you can't decide is good or not... it's frustrating because she could be so much better if her pictorial was more consistent.
Posing: B+
Body: B+
Face: B
Pictorial: C+
Overall: B-

Spencer Scott - Miss October 2007
A southern blonde with big features and a big smile came in for October, and instantly she became a major fan favorite. Several fans immediately signed on and the buzz was enormous for this cute young talent from northern Florida. It was especially overwhelming to see how much press she got unexpectedly, but obviously it was something in her pictorials which got everyone so riled up to vote. She's definitely a major player for PMOY, so she's worth a deep look into what makes her tick.
The Good: Spencer is beautiful and bright, and certainly everything a busty southern blonde should be. She has gorgeous hazel eyes, a smile that kills, and a body with huge breasts, a great set of thighs, and an exceptional smoothness to her skin. They're all things that make Spencer outrageously photogenic, and that has got to be her claim to fame with all her fans. She just looks very very good in front of the camera. Have I gotten the point across yet? Look at her pictorial and get a sense of her slick style, and tell me that it doesn't work to perfection.
The Bad: I rated Spencer a C+ weeks ago when I saw her pictorials, and I had a sense that her preview pictorial had even more to offer than her portfolio entry. I still have that feeling that Spencer isn't PMOY material, simply because she hasn't shown me enough. Her posing ability is absolutely mediocre, she hasn't got a clue how to work the camera sexually (like a professional would), and her body doesn't impress me much, either. In an era of curves that sell sex, Spencer hasn't got many to offer. She's voluptuous and hot, but where are the curves to accentuate all those great features? There aren't any. There's a case to be made against Spencer, and I make it by pointing out that she simply isn't a star.
Posing: C
Body: B
Face: A-
Pictorial: C+
Overall: B-

Lindsay Wagner - Miss November 2007
Moving towards the end of the year, Playboy dealt yet another blonde, and this one was cutie Lindsay Wagner of Nebraska. One thing you could gather immediately from looking at Lindsay's pictorials was that she was buff. And I mean buff. Her strict workout regimen has given her an incredibly hard body with golden features. Lindsay is one tough cookie, and to be able to roll with this impressive class of 2007, she would need to muscle her way through the competition, as well.
The Good: The body. The body of the year? Perhaps. Lindsay is exceptionally slim and has washboard abs and sexy biceps. She's also got a lovely face and looks amazing in front of a camera when she's got her poses right. She drips with sweat and looks like a goddess all while doing it. Lindsay also has a very photogenic face and comes off as a sweet girl with energy and charisma. And she has a way of giving the camera "the look." It's quite gripping. Here it is again.
The Bad: Lindsay, albeit her tough exterior, is very mediocre, following a trend of a couple of mediocre Playmates to close out the year. She's not an incredible poser, and rarely makes those hit poses that she can do so very well when she hits them. Although her body is tough, maybe it's too tough at times, coming off excessively muscular and non-feminine. Lindsay has a tendency to look like totally different girls in different settings, and that's too bad because she can do one pose so well while completely botching a different one. They're all reasons why Lindsay will find it very difficult to roll with the crowd come PMOY selection time.
Posing: C+
Body: A
Face: B+
Pictorial: B-
Overall: B-

Sasckya Porto - Miss December 2007
The year chimed in with a disappointing end, especially considering the strong start it had. Great new Playmates gave way to mediocrity and finished it off fittingly. Sasckya is a forgettable Playmate, with very little fan buzz and very little chance for contention for PMOY. Oftentimes Playboy will save their best for December, which is why it has perennially been a key month and an exciting time of year. However, it wasn't the case this time, as promising preview photos made way for an extremely mediocre entry.
The Good: Sasckya has her moments, but they are very few and far between. She looks to be exotic at times, with her nice lingerie and getting sexually charged for the camera. Her in your face shots towards the end can excite a bit, but they do fall short ultimately.
The Bad: Where to begin... Sasckya has a body that just looks better with clothes on. Not that she's ugly, but it's just that her curves don't mesh and they seriously are not appealing. Also, Sasckya has an awkward posing style, doesn't know how to stay consistent, and her face is on and off in terms of attractiveness. An extremely forgettable Playmate, Sasckya is too tall and too voluptuous for the part, and seems to overpower the camera and lacks any sense of subtlety whatsoever.
Posing: C
Body: C+
Face: C
Pictorial: B-
Overall: C-

There you have it, folks. Twelve girls, twelve stories, and twelve different ratings. The official Playmate of the Year race doesn't heat up until April 2008, but it doesn't hurt to get an early start on voting and analysis. I'll keep everyone updated on the buzz surrounding the race as it goes on, and I'll put my two cents in on how the race should be going based on model qualities and what not.

The Class of 2007 will go down as one that started like a lion and went out like a lamb. There were some excellent models and great variety towards the start, like Jayde, Tyran, Shannon, and Brittany, but the year rolled to a halt with mediocre flops like Tamara, Patrice, Spencer, and Sasckya. All-in-all, no real superstars emerged that completely caught my eye, but I'd love to see more photos of any of the top 5 girls of the year.
So without further ado...

Ranking the Class of 2007...
12. Sasckya Porto
11. Giuliana Marino
10. Tamara Sky
9. Patrice Hollis
8. Lindsay Wagner
7. Spencer Scott
6. Tiffany Selby
5. Heather Rene Smith
4. Tyran Richard
3. Jayde Nicole
2. Shannon James
1. Brittany Binger

My pick for PMOY: Brittany. She definitely was the most unique girl, and had a pictorial that blew me away with its variety and awesome production. Although she's not a runaway hit, I'd love it if any one of the top four girls took the prize. Look out for #7 Spencer Scott, though... she looks to be on fire right now in the voting polls.

Until April, let's hope for the bes

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Not-So-Grand Finale

It's the end of yet another year and another chapter of Playboy history has closed. We've got another 12 Playmates to choose from, and every single girl is unique in her own way. And to close it all off comes Miss December, Sasckya Porto, a Brazil native who breaks the mold of the typical Brazilian beauty in every sense of the word, and I'm not speaking positively here.

It seems that Sasckya leaves a little something to be desired: that lean Brazilian curvature of the back, that bronzed beach tan, and that sexy kick that quenches the thirst right away. Playboy USA hasn't always had very much luck attracting women from South America with much success, and here's another flop. I reserved judgment of Sasckya after seeing her preview, but her PMOM pictorial disappoints me.

Where to start... I think it's telling when my favorite photo of a girl is one with her clothes on. I'm not meaning to insult Miss Porto's beauty in the nude, as certainly a naked girl is far better than one with an overcoat on, but nudity also leads to scrutiny. And Sasckya is certainly not an unattractive girl... she has an exotic face, tall features (5' 10"!! now that's something to behold), and beautiful hair. But look inside those clothes, and with lingerie on, she's got her second-best photo.

Sasckya is still a sight for sore eyes, don't get me wrong. Here's a photo of her voluptuous behind, in traditional Brazilian form. And while that's entertaining for a bit, you know that there have been far better Playmates so far this year and in years past. So why should Sasckya deserve your time? Especially when she moves on to hit you with awkward photos like this one or this side shot. Sasckya's body is pale, her posing is inconsistent, and her pictorial is ultimately drab and boring. Although she manages to let out a low-brow stare that captures the attention for a short while, and slips into this cute sheer bodystocking for a little bit, that sneering smile of hers just doesn't do it for me.

I'm sorry if I've been too harsh on Sasckya, but let's face it... we've had a pretty good year of fresh faces and great new talent for Playmate of the Month. Finishing it off with the traditional December flavor is something we've come to love from names like Tiffany Fallon, the Teles sisters, Lani Todd, Karen McDougal, Elisa Bridges, or even Barbara Moore. The thing is, yes, it's not fair to compare Sasckya with these past greats, but it is fair to demand more from Playboy for your annual Christmas sweetheart. So Playboy... what were you thinking??

Consensus... C-

Sasckya Porto
Miss December 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

#16 - Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Marie Gallagher was Miss September 1994, in a time between eras of Playmate mediocrity and the well-known "golden age" of the late 1990's. Before Kelly, girls who were high-quality Playmates were sporadic, but still around (like Echo Johnson or Carrie Westcott). Right after Kelly, women like Elisa Bridges, Alicia Rickter, and Rhonda Adams emerged, changing the landscape forever. Miss Gallagher's class of 1994 was nothing too special: Julie Cialini was the mediocre PMOY winner, and Maria Checa was the only other standout. But Kelly didn't just stand out in this year alone.

Kelly was unfortunate to have come about during a Playboy dry spell like the one in 1994. She was not just the greatest Playmate of that specific year, but certainly one of the best girls Playboy had ever discovered. Kelly can be summed up in one word: legs. More than any other girl perhaps in Playboy history, Kelly's tall, slender frame (5' 6" and 105 lbs) was incredibly eye-catching and revolutionary. But it's not just that... following the trend of Lisa Dergan, Kelly is outlandishly professional and mature. These are the qualities that permeate her photos and make her special, because she poses with a sense of presence and classic charm that separate the great Playmates from the mediocre. Take some time to appreciate Kelly's wondrous collection of photos, and you'll sense her talent and mystique and wonder why she was so passed over for so long.

Kelly's greatness comes from her flowing, artsy pictorials. They're wonderfully produced and put together, and come together beautifully. Pic 12 starts off the discussion with a great example of what Kelly is all about... with a beautiful bit of lighting and a whimsical face, Kelly is something dreams are made of. This photo really sets off the pictorial with sex appeal, and Kelly's face looks gorgeous, her hair looks fluffy and sexy, and her body is like art. What more is there to want? Miss Gallagher's body is something unique to behold, and as she sits down and shows off those beautiful legs, it's obvious what makes her one of the legendary Playmates. That photo really does an excellent job of showing off Kelly's proportions, where her lower body captures the camera, unlike most Playmates these days. Kelly shows that she can leave the darkness and be sultry in Pic 33, and also hearkens back to a time when girls had unshaven rugs between their legs. Remember those times? This cute photo shows off Kelly's lovely eyes and beautiful package.

So now let's venture back to the bedroom and the pictorial that made Miss Gallagher stand out so very much. This smooth pic starts things off, and you can really see how Kelly becomes part of the setting and assimilates into her role so well. Zoom out a bit, and Kelly's amazing legs twist and turn and her awesome sexiness and unique face come into full view. She's simply breathtaking in photos like these. She is simply feminine, 100% woman, and difficult to sum up in words. If that's not enough, check out this photo of Kelly sprawled out and just posing for the camera, immersing the audience in her smooth body and gripping stare. The great job that the producers do with this pictorial is outstanding, with this photo telling the story about the natural lighting used and how it complements Kelly's slim body so very well.

It's tough to look at Kelly Gallagher and not wonder how she could be any more perfect. She's got everything working for her in every possible way, she's got great pictorial production and photography, she has a spectacular presence and a beautiful, picturesque face, and she's one of the greatest Playmates ever. Not only is she extremely underrated, but Kelly deserves all the recognition of being part of the elite... #16, in fact. She deserves a place in history, and deserves to be mentioned with the other girls who have shaped the Playmate world as we see it today.

Friday, November 30, 2007

#17 - Lisa Dergan

Lisa Dergan was Miss July 1998, in a competitive period of Playmate elite, when several fresh faces came out to make a name for themselves. Lisa was no exception. Indeed, in a class complete with Heather Kozar (PMOY), Julia Schultz, Marliece Andrada, Deanna Brooks, Angela Little, Vanessa Gleason, Laura Cover, Tiffany Taylor, and the Dahm triplets (whew! is that all for one year?), Lisa found a way to stand out in her own, unique way. In fact, not only was she unique for '98, she was one of the greatest ever.

Lisa's name could have been lost in the annals of Playboy. She was as revolutionary and sexy as any other, but her name didn't carry the late 90's the way that a McDougal or Kozar did. Although her fame didn't permeate, her looks sure did. Lisa was known among Playboy enthusiasts as a mature, intelligent looking girl, albeit only 28. She crashed the scene with so many younger stars, only to emerge as a gorgeous blonde bombshell with posing power like you wouldn't believe. And the best thing about Lisa? She wasn't just your prototypical "Hefmate," but a new type of blonde that shook Playboy at its core.

Take a look at Lisa at the golf course, where she's wild and crazy with all the right looks. Lisa's biggest strength is that she was such a dynamic poser, picking up this picture right after, and transforming her look with just one move. It's the sauna pictorial, however, that gets Miss Dergan the 5 stars she needs to be one of the greatest. Take a look at this photo, or this one, with all the perfect lighting and contouring to deliver the ultimate sexy look. Lisa's photos are timeless because of their setting and production value, which can rarely go out of style. This serene scene captured Lisa's intimacy and serenity, as well as her mature charm. The classic Pic 13 takes us back to the golf course, where Lisa's tight butt is eye-catching and her stare is sharp and tantalizing. Look closer at Lisa's eyes for a second... they're completely unique, like nothing you've ever seen. They penetrate and deliver charm at the same time. When Lisa gets completely nude and lets it all hang out, she's composed and curiously strong, unlike many younger women who can seem overly vulnerable, even as Playboy models.

An aside has to be granted to the middle section of Lisa's pictorial, which cemented her as one of the all-time greats. Pic 30 is one of the finest shots of a woman's ass that has ever been taken. Just the posture and the stare meshing together... brilliant! But it's Lisa's venture in the sauna that made her famous. This one gets it primed, with Lisa releasing a sexual longing in a steamy, moist shell. The poses she strikes by stretching her amazing bronzed body are unbelievable, and as she flashes a quick stare, she screams femininity and power all at the same time.

As if I can't get any more enthusiastic, make sure you see this photo, which is a triumph of Playboy photography history. No other woman but Lisa Dergan could have pulled off this shot. It's just perfect timing, and with those long lets and those cat-like eyes, it was captured. It leads into this other unique and intimate shot, followed by a wet, dripping closer that's almost too hot for words. In Lisa's pictorial closing, she has a notable side profile shot, an excellent photo in a lacy bustier (for those lingerie fans out there... sorry, Lisa likes to be completely nude most of the time) and there's that awesome "come hither" look to close things off... in the sauna, no less.

I could go on and on about Lisa, but the point is this: Lisa took the game to a whole new level by revolutionizing the art of intimate sexuality in pictorials. She didn't need props, clothes, or gimmicks. She's one of the best and most underrated Playmates of all-time, and a personal pick for me. I'm inviting you to see and understand the gold mine that Playboy produced in years past, and I'm doing exactly what this countdown was meant to do: to expose true Playboy stars and golden girls, even the ones without the spotlight names. Lisa is #17 on my list. Only 17! That means that there's plenty more to come and more to discover, and rest assured that there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Rising Star in the Spotlight

So as Playboy was doing their usual thorough search over the country to find the latest and greatest, they presented us with Trina. This beauty from the San Mateo casting call amazed me with this photo, and I didn't hesitate to give my feedback on this find.

Well, sure enough, Playboy worked their magic on a potential superstar, and Trina Marie is Cyber Girl of the Week! I won't even go so far as to rate her pictorial right now, because I think she's a shoe-in for CGOM right away, especially after seeing Kristy Joe close off the month. April Ireland of week 2 might be of some competition, but I don't think she even compares to Trina.

Why else would I rave so much about a CGOW so soon? Playboy has been hitting on all cylinders with their weekly girls lately. Trina's pictorial takes on the flash and sexiness of a monthly pictorial, especially with that wild outfit. As she gets naughty, you see that she's got the Playboy treatment since her casting call, with highlights in her hair and a smoothed out skin tone. She looks like a superstarlet, and she's definitely Playmate of the Month material. You can see Trina's curves come out in this photo, where her cute face and huge DD-sized natural breasts take center stage. It was just immediately obvious to me how much talent Trina has for posing and teasing the camera. She can lift her shirt and flash those gorgeous eyes, and then lean back, narrow those eyes and give the sexiest stare around. The pictorial ramps up for an incredible climax when Trina gets into a doggy-style position, with her great butt in focus. She then lays down, spreads those golden thighs, and oozes all the sex out of her body for one last hurrah.

There's no question that Trina is eye-poppingly sexy. She has an ability to pose like a professional, and I'm incredibly enticed to see what else she's got in store. Not having her as CGOM would be a horrible travesty... I'm counting on you, Playboy!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

#18 - The Bernaola Twins

Carol and Darlene Bernaola were the surprise twin "millennium Playmates," who ushered in the 2000's with sparkle and wonder. The late 90's into the early 2000's were a memorable time for Playboy fans everywhere. Carol and Darlene ushered in a class of 2000 littered with famous names like Suzanne Stokes, Nicole Lenz, Brande Roderick, Brooke Berry, Shannon Stewart, Neferteri Shepherd, Nichole Van Croft, and Buffy Tyler... all in the same year! It was definitely the start of a new golden age for Playboy, and the start of it all was nothing short of amazing.

Playboy offered to kick off the millennium with twins. The Peruvian beauties rivaled anything Playboy had done before with a twin-girl monthly ticket. Carol and Darlene are sensual and fantastic. What really makes twins great, though, is awesome chemistry. A great sense of interactivity between the two girls can make a world of difference, especially when you see that the girls are having fun and taking their posing to another level by helping each other. And that's definitely what makes the Bernaola twins perhaps the greatest duo in Playboy's history. They work together so well, and can even be comfortably sexual with each other, giving the pictorials a kinky, otherworldly feel that is just plain naughty. Not to mention that these girls have bodies that are nearly perfect, and two of them just makes it gratuitously outrageous.

You start off with the pictorial knowing what the motif is for these twin models... sparkle, pomp, and glitter. These ladies are in-your-face from the get-go, starting with clear mesh tops strewn on their bronzed bodies. Carol and Darlene intertwine their bodies throughout the pictorial, giving a sense of closeness and sexuality that you just can't have with a single girl. As the girls begin to get wild, dancing and partying, their pictorial becomes grandiose and becomes a major production. But it's not there where these girls really get their kicks. When they calm down and turn down the lights, like in Pic 10, they really start to shimmer. The twins are sexy and sultry all the time, with their nothing outfits showing their substantial features. Talk about identical twins! These ladies are buff and lean, and both are identically flawless. Pic 11 shows off their brilliant chemistry in a delectably close shot, where the sisters share some quality time, touching and feeling. And their South American heritage mitigates any sense that their intimacy is awkward. It simply can't happen when you have such exotic girls being so comfortable with each other. This photo is a fantastic rear shot, showing off the girls' Latina behinds with just a bit of vagina showing through their mesh dresses. It's outrageously sexy, and the fact that there are two of them makes it all the more fantastical. Another curvy side shot is Pic 21, a great symmetrical montage of these superb figures. Their ability to balance out any shot and work together prevent them from ever having a bad one. The playfulness is what sets them apart, always smiling and having a good time, and having the advantage all the while of being able to expose the front of one and the back of the other, giving almost a 360-degree view of one beautiful model. The interactivity and closeness of the twins is seen in photos like this one, where the nude undertone is fantastically juxtaposed with sisterly love. It gets even closer here, and it almost makes you want to drop your jaw and marvel at their compatibility, and embrace their in-your-face sexuality as well.

After all of that, go take a look at one of the finest centerfolds Playboy has ever made. Again, we have the all-around view of these ladies, as we see a perfect embrace and a picturesque pair of women that took the bar and raised it more than just a few notches.

Carol and Darlene were nothing short of amazing in their photos. They were a pair of bubbly sweethearts from Peru who took interactive sexuality to a whole new level. On top of all that, their personalities showed in their photos almost as well as their bodies dazzled their audiences. There's no question why they share the #18 spot as some of the greatest Playmates of all-time, as their impact in the Playmate world can still be felt today, from lesbian pictorials to any girl-on-girl affair.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

#19 - Raquel Gibson

Raquel Gibson was Miss November 2005, a girl who stuck out among a great group of girls in the early millennium, in the great turn-around of the post-Playmate "golden era" of the late 90's. Raquel was a Filipino-Italian wonder with a unique Floridian look and a penchant for incredible posing. As our first Playmate of the countdown in the new millennium, Raquel was a shining star when she came out. Her knockout body is beyond words, and is something only an interesting mix of ethnic qualities can provide. She makes it on the list by breaking in with an exceptional look.

Raquel stormed in to the class of 2005 against contenders like Destiny Davis, Jamie Westenhiser, and PMOY Kara Monaco. But it's Raquel who should have been Playmate of the Year in this tightly-contested race. Her bodily proportions are extraordinary (34C-24- and an amazing 35" hips!), and her sexuality and out-of-this-world look made our jaws drop. So what was it about this angel that makes her one of the best ever?

It's easy to see if you start from behind. Those 35" hips show in this photo, and many thereafter, as Raquel's butt is beyond words. But it's very true, Raquel was just dead sexy. In pic 11, a magazine spread shows off her admirable height (5' 4") and the thick thighs and vouptuousness that comes with it. Just take a look at Raquel's face, body, and total package. Her eyes intimate an Asian flair, and her tanned body is creamy and as smooth as butter. Let's just say that she's absolutely stacked. Her curves are phenomenal. This shot is an interestingly artistic shot which is unusual in a Playmate portfolio, but is pleasantly sexy, as it shows off the perfect flow from the small of Raquel's back into her amazing buttocks. The artistry continues in pic 18, where an overhead shot shows the profile of Miss Gibson's great breasts. Raquel's pictorial is very appropriately themed, as her wet, exotic nature meshes well with her unusual appearance. Once you finish browsing her tantalizing pictorial, check out her centerfold. It's simple, hot, and the look on Raquel's face, as well as those pouty lips, is priceless.

And if you still can't get enough of Raquel, I'd recommend her preview pictorial. It has a bust shot that's beyond compare, a profile shot that's one of Raquel's very best, and pictures like this one, that make it obvious why Raquel is one of the most amazing Playmates in history. Be sure to see it, because it puts a clean, plain setting for Raquel to play around with, and she does a fantastic job.

It's very tough to argue why Raquel shouldn't be even higher on this list, but trust me there're plenty more girls to see! But it's true that Raquel is one of the best Playmates we've seen in years. She's a more recent girl, but she was so surprising that she belongs in the annals of Playboy history. And since she's been ranked higher than girls like Westcott, Sorenson, and Bonner, we're already giving Raquel the respect that's due. She's cracked the top 20 for a reason, and that's because she's simply perfect.

#20 - Julie McCullough

Julie McCullough was Miss February 1986, in an era where she turned the Playboy world upside-down. The late 80's marked a total shift in thinking from the Playmate style that permeated the 80's... big hair, tight clothes, sweat, and makeup. But it took girls like Julie to change things to a more modernized, natural feel, taking away the element of the "processed" girl and putting in a new type of lady. Before Julie, the 80's were in full swing, but she marked a change, after which names like Lynn Austin, Ava Fabian, Sandy Greenberg, and the oh-so-unique Kata Karkkainen took over and made the art of being a Playmate into a refined practice.

But it was Julie who started it all. One of the most important Playmates of all-time, she was graceful and gorgeous, smooth and delectable all at once. Her long body and Hawaiian-born charm made for an incredible Playmate. With a petite 115 lb. frame and 36-24-35 proportions, Julie was a blonde bombshell with plenty of spunk to light up a pictorial, and boy did she ever. It's tough to explain Julie's immeasurable appeal without looking at her photos. Her face is unlike any other. She doesn't resemble the typical blond cookie-cutter Playmate of Playboy lore. She's something unique, and was a treasure in the annals of Playboy. So let's take a look.

Julie's pictorial begins with photos like Pic 02, which is a candid look at a sense of sexuality that didn't yet emerge until the late 80's. But Julie's real essence isn't felt until midway through the pictorial, where she gets into her "map" photos. This photo is a playful McCullough classic, where her crotch is easily visible, and a careless mood in a lacy little nothing is carried very well by such a beautiful girl. The blowing of her hair in the wind and the outdoor atmosphere adds to it, as well. Julie can look like a mean, lean starlet when she wants to, like in Pic 18. This photo is an edgier side of Julie, and she can mix it up with a sexy, girl next door look with those exotic eyes. The thing that made Julie awesome was her wistfulness, and ability to convey emotion through her photos. She was satisfied and confident at all times. But one pictorial theme clearly sticks out: the at-home lingerie posing. This photo kicks it off, and immediately you can see why Julie was one of the best. She oozed sex in these pictures, as she turned her shirt, exposed her firm breasts, and posed with amazing posture. Julie's fitness and proportions show off in this photo. Julie finally surrenders, laying in a feminine, alluring pose.

What Julie brought to the 80's was passion and heart. She took posing as a Playmate to a whole new level, and that's why she's my #20 greatest Playmate of all-time. A true legend in her own right, this Hawaiian-born natural beauty leaped into the hearts of readers and fans all around. She's also the only the start, as we're only a fifth of the way through our countdown. Can more classics be on the way? Or will we see Playmates of the golden era of the late 1990's dominate?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Hits Keep On Coming

It's hard to emphasize enough how good it is to be a fan of Playboy throughout the 90's and 2000's so far. There was a lull in production for a 2-5 year period in the early part of the new millennium, but now it looks as if Playboy has its act together. What do I mean, precisely?

Well, just look again at Jo Garcia. I gave her my one and only perfect A+ on October 17th, and she's come out with three new videos since. And let me tell you, those weren't just any videos. I'd advise you to go to her page and check out, in particular, Video Two of her "Come Hither" series. Once you see it, you'll melt. Jo just lays on the bed flat and writhes and bends in sexy ways that I've never seen any girl, Playmate or Cyber Girl, ever do before. Not only that, but she's exceptional at doing what she does. I'm telling you, Jo Garcia is one of the most perfect girls I've seen in Playboy in ages... she's got a slim figure, she's very tall and supermodel-like, she has a strikingly exotic face, luscious dark hair, a nicely groomed crotch, unusually large breasts for such a skinny girl, and to top it all off, she's a textbook poser who sets the bar higher than anyone I've ever witnessed. Photos don't do Miss Garcia justice. And if she loses the CGOY award, then it will be, indeed, a true injustice.

That said, let's look towards our current Playmate of the Month, Miss November Lindsay Wagner has a dirty blonde look with plenty of attitude and edginess. Not a whole lot of things set Lindsay apart from the crowd, except for her rock hard body. Once you see her photos, it's hard to argue that Miss Wagner is one of the more athletic Playmates we've seen in a long time. And whether or not muscles are to your taste, Lindsay does it tastefully and does it right... for the most part.

Lindsay takes on lots of looks throughout her Playmate portfolio pictorial. The most potent of which is the kickboxer. Lindsay looks oiled up in these shots, and strips down slowly, exposing her picture-perfect tone. Pic 4 is a good starter, showing Lindsay's total package of a piercingly sexy look and an awesome body. With those dark eyes and that pouting stare, it's easy to say that Lindsay is a winner. And she really is almost all the time. Here's one thing she does great: slip down those panties in a sexual downward-looking pose.

In the bedroom, Lindsay loses some of that edginess, but gains some playfulness that she lacked earlier. This pic is cute and suggestive, with that smile cracking the aura of toughness that she has in her gym photos. Still, to use Lindsay in a submissive role wouldn't cater to her strength, which is as a rough and tough young girl. That stare can't be compared to, and it's really what she does best. Again, Lindsay and those panties are a great match. She does the shot so well because of how her abs just look tough and her body is statuesque. Pic 14 shows a little that crosses the line for my tastes, as Lindsay looks almost masculine in her toughness, with bulging biceps that almost look too toned. Lindsay then goes back out of her element, being playful and getting frisky on the bed. Her partial grin is wholesome and bright, and although she's not at her best, it's obvious that she's proving that she is Playmate material.

Those blonde locks of tied-up hair, that glistening, sweaty body, and those gorgeous dark eyes make Lindsay a great Miss November, albeit a little too athletic at times. What a year it's been... it finally seems like Playboy is getting it. Putting in generic blondes was a thing of the past. Now, they've found a formula where they actually can find unique blondes!!!! Who thought that you can easily pick apart and recognize these platinum-haired beauties, and make them so unique that they could be in PMOY contention? But it's true, Playboy might have done it. 2007 is almost over, and it's been a pleasure so far. With blonde lovelies like Heather Rene Smith, Shannon James, Tiffany Selby, Spencer Scott, and now Lindsay Wagner, how they managed to pick blondes that stood out from the crowd is beyond me.

Consensus... B+

Lindsay Wagner
Miss November 2006

Sunday, October 14, 2007

#21 - Crista Nicole

Crista Nicole was Miss May 2001. The class of 2001 followed a millennium opener complete with a bevy of some of the greatest women in Playboy history... girls you'll surely see later in this list. 2001 included lovely faces like Lauren Hill, Jennifer Walcott, Dalene Kurtis, Lindsey Vuolo, and Shanna Moakler. Crista needed lots of muscle to edge out some of these wonderful women, but she does it with grace and expertise.

Crista is unique because her body's proportions are outstanding for the kind of height she has. A 5'9" leggy sight to see, Crista is still 34C-25-35 and still full of bodily goodness. That unusual combination is what sets Crista apart from what you've seen in other Playmates. She's simply got amazing proportions for such a model-like "runway girl" type. This lets Crista use her body in interesting ways for interesting positions in the photos taken of her. She does things that other girls simply can't and that's what made her one of the great Playmates in history.

Crista has some unbelievable looks in some pictures. Start off by looking at one of her best, an a true modern Playboy classic, Pic 08. The photo is like being in a dream, with Crista's slim proportions and fantasy face all in one picture. Crista is simply too good to be true sometimes, with near perfection in her body and eyes. Crista really knows how to strike some unusual and innovative poses, with this sexy outdoors pose doing the trick. But it's this faceless behind-the-back photo that is another one of Crista's classic staples. It just speaks to the absolutely stacked body that Crista has, combined with that awesome height. Her body ripples with fitness and conditioning, too. Shadows and curves work beautifully with her body, as is shown in this dreamy pic. A true asset that Crista has is her whimsical, classy look that she pulls out every now and then. She flows and ebbs in a wonderful way throughout her pictorial, throwing sexuality and a mix of starlet-like presence into a concoction of success as a Playmate. The wholesomeness is felt clearly in Pic 41 (a bubble-butt to be reckoned with), while the artistic goddess-like glow is palpable in Pic 43. She gives you that look, and you know she's one of the more memorable ones.

Crista was one of the quintessential hard-bodied, tall goddesses of the Playmate world. She was stacked to the max, physically outstanding, not to mention her centerfold was flowing and elegant, and one of the greatest ever. Crista's impact on the Playboy world might not seem immediate, but she was one of the standouts in a renaissance period that began in the late 90's and continued into the start of the new millennium. It's strange, though, that it's Crista's classic, bombastic look that makes her so amazing in an era of "new ideas" and "natural thinking." But it's her over-the-top appeal that makes her #21 and one of the great Playmates in history.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Like a Dream

I would normally wait for a girl's entire pictorial to come in before talking about her pictorials, but let me tell you, Playboy's found a real winner here that I can't wait to get out to you. Jo Garcia was recently named the October 2007 Cyber Girl of the Month, and I anticipated it from the get go. But I never could have understood just how stunning Miss Garcia is when she's given a chance to shine and blossom.

As a CGOM, Jo is magnificent. She's got two pictorials out already, and those are enough to drool over. They're absolutely perfect in a year lacking many good CGOY candidates. Besides Kortnie O'Connor, who I gave rave reviews, there's been little else to get me excited about the nomination of an annual winner. It took them seven more months, but they've found her.

In her first pictorial, titled "Savvy," Jo's body is immediately bronzed and eye-catching. Jo just looks incredible naked, plain and simple. But it's not just her DD natural breasts or sexy long legs that do it... it's mostly her attitude. Jo hits you with a relentless onslaught of sexuality, like in this photo, where her legs part and the sex just oozes. In her videos, Jo is even more amazing, flashing a stare that's tough not to melt over. The looks that she shoots towards the camera with her naughty eyes are the stuff of legends, and shots like this doggy style number are reasons for setting Jo in the upper echelon of Cyber Girls.

Still, I didn't get an impression of Jo's greatness until I looked at her second pictorial, "Daydream." This really does on a number on any fan. It's completely lit with natural light, and Jo is amazingly beautiful in each and every shot. Jo begins with a gorgeous, simple lacy lingerie outfit, with the natural lighting already showing off her luscious skin tone. She temptingly takes each layer off, stretching her body and showing the smoothness with which she flows. Jo's long legs and great height show in this photo, where her 5'7" frame comes in handy. George Georgiou's legendary photography adds to the sensuality of this pictorial, where every shot is brilliant, including this emotional one. All throughout, Jo's body is the fixation of the pictorial, and this laying down shot is magnified by looking between her lovely legs.

If you haven't seen the entire pictorial yet, check out "Daydream." It's one of the most impressive pictorials that Playboy has ever published. In fact, Jo is one of the most flawless women to appear in Playboy for months, maybe even years. I absolutely cannot wait to see what else she pulls out for the rest of this month, almost as much as I couldn't wait to give Jo a rating. She's certainly my choice for Cyber Girl of the Year so far, and unless Misses November and December are revolutionary beauties, Jo looks to be a major frontrunner. Sorry, Kortnie, but Jo just has a natural knack for posing in the nude. Absolutely amazing.

So without further ado... the only perfect score so far!

Consensus... A+ CERTIFIED HOT

Jo Garcia
Cyber Girl of the Month
Pictorials 1 & 2

October 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

#22 - Gillian Bonner

Gillian Bonner was Miss April 1996, bringing on the digital age as what was probably the first software developer-Playmate. The late 90's were a golden age for Playmates, as each year delivered more and more incredible girls. The Class of 1996 included Kona Carmack, Priscilla Taylor, and the luscious Jennifer Allan. But it was this Georgia peach who took the year with grace, and undoubtedly was the best that the year had to offer, and came out on top as one of the great Playmates of the 90's.

Like the Playmates we've seen so far in the countdown, it takes a certain uncanny sense of how to work the camera to be great. Carrie, Cara, and Heidi all did it with talent and grace. What Gillian did was take Cara's unique face, Carrie's awesome sexuality, and Heidi's posing ability, and put it all into one package. Gillian immediately comes off as mature and experienced in her posing, and puts her body into positions you've never seen before. More than that, her body is realistic and unbelievable all at once. Its proportions are excellent, and her face makes you want to wonder what's going on behind those mysterious eyes. And those lips... those lips! Just watch and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Gillian's portfolio is vast, and you'll want to leaf through all of the photos to get a good picture of her amazing range. But there are plenty of classics to be picked out. Check out this photo of her crawling, and this sexy one, too. They're part of her yellow top pictorial, and one thing that immediately jumps out is her smile. It's a wide-open, lips-spread, sexual oddity of a smile. It makes appearances throughout her work, and it's one of the sexiest things ever. Gillian looks amazing in her office pictorials, wearing sheer black and looking sexual and wanting it. I've always felt one of Gillian's best photos was Pic 18, on the beach and totally nude. It conveys a sense of playfulness and carelessness that gives a different look at this working woman. Back in the office, another classic is Pic 24, one of my old faves because of the awesome expression on Gillian's face as she strips off her thong. Instant classic!! Gillian's breasts aren't anything to be snuffed, as she's got brilliant ones. Gillian's areola were large, and her boobs were plump and tangible through photos, yet looked undeniably natural.

Gillian had the ability to shift her look throughout her pictorials, like in this photo. One of her finest photos of all time is Pic 31, a simple photo with a simple smile, showing off a simply wonderful model. Her makeup, production, setting, costume, and everything else comes together in this picture. It perfectly complements this photo, which gives you the big picture of how all-around amazing this girl is. On the motorcycle in another shot, Gillian is edgy, but back on the beach, she's wistfully graceful. It's astounding how much variety and range can come out of a single model, and with Miss Bonner, the hits just kept on coming. Whether it was a closeup staredown or a kinky pose with loose lingerie, Gillian did it right every single time.

I think that most of these girls so far were very underappreciated as Playmates, like Cara, Heidi, and now Gillian. Gillian brought to Playboy one of the most consistent, productive, and out-of-this-world models ever. She had it all together with an innate charm and edginess that could satisfy any fantasy. After looking at the photos, I don't think I need to explain further why Gillian is my #22 Greatest Playmate of All Time.