Monday, November 26, 2012

A Bit of a Streich

Amanda, Miss December
Can you smell it in the air? The holidays are upon us, and that means several things. In the Playboy world, it means one big thing - the annual Playmate of the Year race has just begun. All twelve ladies are set and vying for the title, and there can only be one winner.

The Class of 2012 has been an up and down affair, but one with more positives than negatives. It's been an improvement, with some of the highest average PlayboyCritic scores in years. While the year has lacked the diversity and strong, bold picks we've seen in past years, the quality has been higher than normal. Although we went through the year without any A+ scores, it was still a strong showing.

Capping off the string of nice performances to close out the season, we have Miss December, Amanda Streich. Amanda is a relative unknown in the States, a very leggy Polish model with an archetypical model-like quality. More than any other entrant this year, Amanda represents the mainstream modeling industry with flair. And that's not necessarily a good thing.

Once I laid eyes on our latest Playmate, the thought that immediately came to mind was, "Wow, this woman is lovely! But do I want to see her naked?" Now, I mean no offense by this, but the fact is that Amanda is simply not born to pose in the nude. She's a consummate fashion model, with a graceful and flowing posing style that's quite photogenic. But she never truly belongs in Playboy.

What makes Amanda a promising woman is that she's just got the photogenic look. Her face is not particularly attractive - on the contrary, it's her glaring weakness - but she has an innate glow about her that hits the spot. While she's dealt a poor pictorial that never allows her the room to show off her abilities, this is a model who just doesn't below without her clothes on.

That's not to say Amanda doesn't look great naked. She absolutely does. Miss Streich's body is artistic and sexually raw, with completely natural lines and awesome height (5' 9" but looking even taller at times). I was left pining for some more full-body shots showing off her lower frame, but her perfectly sized breasts and tight pussy are really great to lay eyes on.

Still, there's just something not right about Amanda. She just never takes the step into Playmate territory. Granted, she's not the least deserving Playmate selection of the 2012 class (read: Lisa Seiffert), but it's what keeps her mediocre, and several shades less-than-amazing.
  • Face: B-
    Amanda can nail some photos here and there, but it's all in spite of her face, not because of it. It's angular, bony, and downright unattractive at times, with an anonymous look becoming immediately forgettable. Shallow, uninspired eyes never capture the camera, and her lips stay open far too much to look remotely serious.
  • Body: B+
    Amanda's physique won't win any awards, but that doesn't stop her from being well above-average in this department. Her graceful, long body type is quite stunning, with nicely full breasts for such a petite woman, and a popping butt as well. The great balance is very surprising, and lifts Amanda well above where she would otherwise fall. Although it doesn't totally erase her other weaknesses, bare-shouldered and slinky Miss Streich is awesomely photogenic.
  • Talent: B
    The biggest issue I have with Amanda is right here - this is a woman with talent. Just not the right kind of talent. She would fit in perfectly in a fashion advertisement, or an episode of America's Next Top Model. This isn't a fashion show. Playboy models need the sizzle, presence, and sex appeal without clothing that few women possess, and that's why it isn't only fashion models that are selected here. Amanda delivers some nice photos, but never goes far enough.
  • Pictorial: B
    It's the same issue as above - Amanda's out of her depth here. The editors dress her up in saucy black bustiers and thigh-high panty hose, but don't get the results out of this model that they would from a true nude talent, like Alana or even Amelia from earlier this year. While Amanda has a few hits with some magical photos here and there, she never really comes into her own.
  • Centerfold: B
    Amanda's centerfold is basically a microcosm of the model herself - certainly not too shabby to look at, but overall quite bland and ill conceived.
  • Overall: B
    In Amanda, we get a fizzling outro to an otherwise middling but solid 2012 Playmate class. While the prestige and pop of being a December Playmate has been tested in recent years, Playboy went another step, not even incorporating any Christmas themes into Amanda's pictorial, or any holiday charms into her style. Amanda's Polish model roots confine her, as she comes across as a stoic fashion model with little to offer the Playboy world. In this world, we're looking for sizzle and spark, and an ability to use a nude body like a tool. Amanda is the epitome of a passive poser, simply letting her really fine body go to complete waste. She's always a pretty and photogenic model, but she's ultimately destined for a lower-half showing for the PMOY race.

Thanks to all my fans for following my blog through yet another Playmate season. As usual, you should expect to see my year-end recap of all twelve Playmates coming very soon. May the sexiest woman win!!