Friday, February 1, 2008

The Cyber Girl Slump

As I talked on Wednesday about the Coeds starting to look good with the coming of the lovely Magen Lugo (hopefully just the start of things to come), the picture surrounding Cyber Girls is notably different. After a 2007 year marked with a couple of great stars like Kortnie O'Connor and Jo Garcia, it looks like 2008 is off to an interesting start.

Refer back to my article on December 23rd of last year, when I predicted who the first four Cyber Girl of the Month winners of 2008 would be. These girls really stuck out, especially Meghan Allen, whom I gave an A- because of her gorgeous pictorial and awesome body. Meghan definitely wowed me with her bright photos and polished looks... I even went so far as to declare her a front runner for CGOY 2009.

Well, Playboy sure dropped the ball on that one.

Meghan did win the Cyber Girl of the Month nomination, and a couple of pictorials came out throughout the month last year. I was extremely disappointed. None of the photos even seemed to look like the Meghan I knew... I mean, compare this spectacular model with the run-of-the-mill girl they gave us with a dark streak through her hair and subpar posing performances. Hardly the same! In addition, none of Meghan's pictorials were innovative or interesting, and all looked exactly the same and were stuffed full of photos like any CGOM pictorial would normally have. The second pictorial is just as atrocious, with nothing to distinguish it or showcase any of the talents that were shown in Meghan's CGOW pictorial. There are a few markers of what once was, saved only by Meghan's still-sexy frame (when she does it right, which she misses far too often), but all-in-all it's a major disappointment for a girl with so much potential.

I don't blame Meghan for her collapse... just the editors, the stylists, the photographer (George Georgiou, a veteran whose work is usually far superior to this trash)... but not the model. Meghan is beautiful and has the skills, which is obviously how she made it this far. I guess it's the expectations behind this pictorial that made it so disappointing, but that shouldn't happen with careful planning. A wasted effort, all in all.

Consensus... C+

Meghan Allen
Cyber Girl of the Month
January 2008

As for February, Amanda Henshaw won the nomination, while I expected Caitlin Ferguson to take the crown. I gave Amanda a C+ for her CGOW pictorial, but she might change all that, because I noticed that her production value is far better now, and she might surprise us by giving us a great video performance. I'll wait to pass judgment on that, though.

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