Monday, March 31, 2008


Spring is a wonderful season, and historically has been a great time for Playboy's best to shine. It's the time when some of the best Playmates of the Month in history have been featured, and it is, of course, the great time of year when Playmate of the Year and Cyber Girl of the Year selections are made.

This year, though, with all the great recent influx of talent pouring into Playboy, it's no wonder that Playmates simply can't bear all the best all the time. There are simply too many beautiful girls who are interested in posing for the magazine. But now, we see that effect finally impacting the quality of Cyber Girls, with a Cyber Girl of the Year with tons of true potential: Jo Garcia.

Yes, it's official, Jo Garcia is Cyber Girl of the Year 2008. I've raved before and went on and on about how Jo is one of the greatest talents Playboy has seen in the past decade, and I'll stand by that. Her CGOY pictorial made its debut today, and it surely is the start of a fantastic year of naked heaven.

In her inaugural set of photos, Jo is, as always, sultry and dynamic. She never just takes the passive "stand and pose" routine, but always has something to say with her photos. She's always saucy, always aggressive. Jo hasn't gone unnatural on us by changing her breast size (something that upgraded Playboy winners are certainly prone to do), but instead just grew some pubic hair, which isn't a bad idea, giving her a more natural look. Her first pictorial shows her with a cute fishnet top, showering beachside. I didn't think the pictorial played to her strengths so well, but she does look very radiant and piercing as she did in all her pictorials earlier. After her shower, she climbs among the rocks, then takes a sexy stroll on the beach. This outstanding panorama shot is an almost glowing portrayal of her engaging skin tone and her sexy height. The end of the pictorial is somewhat of an ode to 2003's amazing CGOY, Merritt Cabal, because of the dimly lit beach theme.

All in all, a promising start for Jo. It didn't play to her strengths as well as I would have hoped, but we've still got 11 more pictorials to set our sights on. Jo is bound to be perhaps the most creative Cyber Girl ever. One of the biggest challenges to producing a full 12-month pictorial set is variety and keeping things interesting, something that the first two trials, Monica Leigh and Breann McGregor, weren't able to do very well. Jo, however, arguably has far more posing talent than those two ladies, so things are looking up for the new CGOY!

Consensus... B

Jo Garcia
Cyber Girl of the Year 2008

Pictorial #1

While the reign of a current CGOY is just beginning, a successful bid for the position of CGOY 2009 has just ended with every single expectation met. Trina Marie just finished her last week as March's Cyber Girl of the Month, and exited with a huge bang.

If you still haven't seen Trina's week four videos, watch them before you read on. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to understand my praise for this young hottie. Trina, from day one, gave me a fantastic impression that she was going to be a star. Back in November 2007, her Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial came out, and I raved about it in my "Rising Star in the Spotlight" article, talking about how much potential she's got, and that she gave us perhaps the greatest CGOW pictorial ever.

Well, compare that and her audition footage to her current pictorials, and you can see a noticeable change. Throughout all the weeks, Trina has done an incredible job of showing just how hot she can get. How about a week-by-week recap:

Week 1: Trina started off a bit cold here, but still looked beautiful and radiant with her lovely eyes and hair. Trina has one heck of a cute face, and her natural posing ability shone. Still, not a great strip tease and a pretty unoriginal set of photos.

Week 2: After being apprehensive with the first week, I was afraid that Trina's talent wouldn't pan out. I had nothing to worry about, come week 2. The pictorial is all over the map, and her poses are so varied that she wows with every single move. Laying flat and flashing that HOT smile; I haven't seen someone so naturally talented and effortlessly sexy in a while. The pictorial then gets wild and playfully kinky, with Trina stripping off that underwear. As she went on, this was a shot that really did it for me, in the video as well. Very simple and natural, but showing off her excellent curviness and very unique face. This laying down shot was also a great one, showing off an air of elegance. That's juxtaposed with this frazzled and wild shot with Trina on her knees, a real hot one. She just looks so versatile from this pictorial, it's amazing.

Week 3: The pictorial in Week 3 didn't really convey the message here, but the video definitely did, so make sure to check that out. Still, Trina's hot highlighted hair and a steamy, effortless shower scene round it all out. Especially in the video, her profile is truly spectacular in the shower for some reason, and she hits all the right poses, so see that to find out just how awesome this pictorial was.

Week 4: A set of videos, so I can't really link to anything, but a definite must see! The first video has Trina climb up on her dresser and carefully strip off a sexy set of pink lingerie that complements her body type flawlessly. Throughout, she poses like an experienced veteran, hitting all the right spots, looking innocently at the camera, and putting on an overall unforgettable performance. In the second video, Trina is also out of this world, writhing in her bed like Jo Garcia in her final CGOM performance. It's sultry and awesome.

We've seen our little Trina grow up before our eyes in these last couple of pictorials, and you can see the progression. Week 1 starts off a bit cold and timid, unsure of what she is to do with herself. Then, week 4's videos show a model who is ultimately very comfortable in the nude, and knows how to use the atmosphere, setting, and costume to achieve a very memorable pictorial. Trina has worked hard enough to become a true early frontrunner for 2009's Cyber Girl of the Year, and even with only three months gone out of the year, she will be extremely tough to beat, barring yet another revolutionary Cyber Girl.

Consensus... A

Trina Marie
March 2008
Cyber Girl of the Month

Weeks 1-4

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Playmate Sneak Peek

Since I'm doing this blog, I'm going to be here to help you all get a sneak peek into future Playmates. As I wrote in my post yesterday, Playboy's Playmates are often speculated about, since it definitely is a high and exclusive post to hold, and it is very tough to make it in. Well, the names I dropped yesterday can be substantiated with some sexy evidence...

I've got an optimistic view of 2008 all of a sudden. Sandra Nilsson and Michelle McLaughlin were cute but a little flat before Ida Ljungqvist made a splash with her awesome proportions and unique looks. Regina Deutinger of April also seems to be really promising, so we'll wait and see how great she'll pan out. Things are certainly picking up, though.

Check out this video:

It's a great insight from the "Girls Next Door" show on E! Although I don't keep up with that much, this is a great tidbit on the selection process and some future Playmates of 2008, especially Valerie Mason. Valerie sure looks HOT! Check out her MySpace page for more photos. It looks as if Valerie is locked as a Playmate in the not-too-distant future. As AJ Alexander is confirmed to be Miss May (check out AJ's MySpace here), she'll have to wait at least two months. In addition, the video gives rise to the confirmation that Kayla Collins is a future Playmate, as well. Check out her personal page right here.

Valerie looks like one hell of a Playmate candidate. Boy, is she sizzling. Look over her MySpace pictures, and you'll notice that she's got a very unique, sort of dark look that suits her excellently. Although she made some changes to her eye color and skin hue (as referenced in the video), she will definitely be a gorgeous Playmate with her brunette style (as long as that doesn't change, I'll be a happy camper).

AJ looks beautiful, as well, although some of her photos indicate she's a bit slim and "model-looking." There's nothing wrong with not having as natural a look, but I should wait to pass judgment on AJ before seeing her photos in a matter of weeks. Kayla is a bit of a mystery so far, as there's only a little bit of footage on the video and only a couple photos on her MySpace. We'll keep a close watch on all these ladies.

All in all, it's looking like a great future for the year 2008. If these trends keep up, we're looking at an excellent class... perhaps the best in several years! Valerie, Ida, AJ, and Kayla can make up a strong backbone in the class, and can fuel a serious, competitive race for PMOY. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Power Performers / Future Playmates

The month we're having is great in terms of Playboy happenings. We've got some excellent monthly features going, including those of Trina Marie and Janine Habeck. We have word that Jo Garcia is going to be our next Cyber Girl of the Year, and on top of that, Regina Deutinger is going to make a fine Miss April 2008.

First off, Trina has done a wonderful job after starting out a little cold with her first pictorial, and I mean excellent! I raved about how fantastic Trina's Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial was back in November of last year, and after seeing her first pictorial, I was a little disappointed with how weak it was. I mean, she was, of course, beautiful as a model, but the pictorial lacks the pizazz of her CGOW masterpiece. In her new one, things are different. It's polished and perfect... she has a sort of bronzed glow to her skin that brings out every element that makes her so special.

I loved Trina's second pictorial the minute I laid my eyes on it. It starts out with this great head shot. I just love it when a head shot makes me excited about a pictorial. It really puts it all together when the girl's face is the focus, not the body as much. The fact is, Trina is fantastically engaging, her smile gorgeous. I would normally wait until a girl's Cyber Girl pictorial month is over, but I can't help but point out how HOT a photo like this one can be. Just look at the way her body tapers. It draws you in with her grace and her moves. A couple more highlights include this great butt shot and a wonderfully cute and intriguing kneeling photo. This wild and crazy kneel is a great example of how innovative Trina is. I'm telling you, we're seeing a star in the making. She puts it all on the line in each of her pictorials, and shows you something brand new with each picture. Have you ever seen a Cyber Girl throw in a spread as elegant and refined as this, right before showing off a facade of sex and lust in a raw pose? Trina Marie is the real deal, and I just can't wait to see two more weeks of material from her. With this pictorial, she's proven to be a major frontrunner for Cyber Girl of the Year 2009, but I'll still wait to pass judgment on her as a "lock" for the position.

Janine Habeck is also back in her Playmate Xtra pictorial after delivering a spectacular video in her second week. Those shower videos never disappoint, no matter the competency of the girl in question. There's something so active and intimate about the shower, and Janine benefited greatly. But how does she do when she's high and dry? Make sure to peruse her new pictorial here, and make sure to check out her fancy, lacy lingerie, that perky nude silhouette, and the wholesome nudity-infused enthusiasm. It's great to pay attention to the end of the pictorial, where Janine really works it and shows why she's a Playmate in the first place -- she looks AMAZING naked. It's as if she's only wholly comfortable once she's fully decked out in her birthday suit and ready to lay around, like in this sexual bedtop stare, or a risque legs-parted shot that shows off her ultra-smooth skin and luscious body dynamics. Janine was a great Playmate, but these pictorials really do her talent some real justice by allowing the audience to become more intimate with the perfection of her body. All the subtleties that make truly great Playmates are inherent in Janine, and that's what makes her so amazing.

Future Playmates
There's always much speculation on who's next in the Playmate world. The next Playmate, of course, is Regina Deutinger, who has an absolutely excellent preview pictorial out right now. She seems to have the whole German look down, but not only that, she does a great job in wearing her makeup and showing off her body with grace. She seems like she holds just enough back to make things interesting, and she looks like she might even continue the trend of strengthening the Class of 2008 after Ida Ljungqvist's great performance. I can't really point out a single photo in this pictorial that I liked more than others... they were just all so hot. Regina does a great job with facial expressions and conveying the mood. Just so natural! I can't wait.

As for Playmates of the more distant future, reports have indicated that Miss May 2008 will be the very beautiful A.J. Alexander. You can check out some of her material on her official website, which shows a vast modeling portfolio containing plenty of previous experience. A.J. is certainly a bit exotic and has something new to offer for Playboy, so I'm excited to see how all that pans out.

Future names include Valerie Mason, Laura Croft, and Kayla Collins (and perhaps Julliette Rose) as future Playmates, either speculated or announced under-the-radar. These have been gathered by numerous sources, but some of them are safe to say that they will be Playmates in 2008, such as Valerie or Kayla. The only question is when. In the meantime, do some of your own research to find some material on these enigmatic new women, and definitely post it in here if you do find some leads on these future Playmates. I'll always be interested to see fan findings.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cyber Girl of the Year: Revealed

Yes I know, Cyber Girl of the Year doesn't get announced until March 31st, according to this announcement on the Cyber Club's "coming soon" page:

Well, through a bit of investigation by Playboy's loyal members of their Message Boards, some folks have done some research, and it's been revealed whose photo this is. It was tricky, and the folks at Playboy didn't make this little morsel a part of a future pictorial of the Cyber Girl of the Year, but instead took it from an older, but rather hidden, pictorial:

That's right, it's part of Jo Garcia's "Employee of the Month" pictorial, where she got her start for audiences! That's right,


As you already know if you read my blog, I chose Jo Garcia as my favorite candidate for the year's best Cyber Girl. Not only that, but so far Jo is the only girl, since my blog was started, to achieve an A+ rating from me, on October 12th of last year.

In recent months, I wasn't so sure that Jo was necessarily the clear frontrunner. In fact, polls in the Cyber Club in early February showed Jo coming in 3rd in single choice polling, and only conceded in early March, where Jo moved up to the 2nd place spot by a small margin. Indeed, Jennifer Hurt was a major fan favorite, and there is a group of devoted fans who propelled her into greatness with almost a quarter of the Message Board votes.

Through all of that, Jo proved her mettle... Jo really was the CGOY all along. It's obvious to think about it that way. Jennifer Hurt or Jillian Beyor are great, but they're just pretty girls. Many Playboy girls are pretty girls. On the other hand, you have all-time greats like Miss Garcia. Jo is arguably one of the best girls Playboy has ever taken photos of. To skip her over would have meant that another girl just like her would never have come by again, and that would have been a major mistake. They didn't take any risks this time, and we're going to see an entire year of amazing pictorials from Jo herself.

After coming off a bland and down year of Breann McGregor, one thing I realized is that Cyber Girl of the Year is an extremely crucial title in this day and age. By that, I mean that we get TONS of photos of this lucky girl, who works hard to give us a feature month-by-month. Since the lovely Monica Leigh, we've been getting that kind of format, and you just can't have even slightly mediocre girls getting this award, because you need to have loads of talent and depth to carry on for an entire year.

Jo IS that kind of girl.

She has unbelievable depth and talent, as you can see from any of her videos. She knows how to pose like it's her God-given gift, and she does it with poise and ease. It'll be a pleasure to look forward to her each and every month, and so I salute Playboy for choosing such a radiant, unique model. Kudos!

So in the meantime, we'll look forward to the end of the month and Jo's official coronation as 2008 CGOY. What a day that'll be! In the meantime, check out the other current happenings:
  • Trina Marie, March CGOM, is having a slow start, but good things lie ahead
  • Magen Lugo, March Coed of the Month, is also a little cold with her first two features, but she's got the talent to make a major splash for the first time a COTM has in a while
  • Janine Habeck, in her Playmate Xtra pictorials, is looking absolutely stunning; even better than she looked in her original pictorial... check out her Week 2 videos, they're breathtaking!
  • Regina Deutinger, another German Playmate (in Miss Habeck's footsteps), and the upcoming Miss April 2008, looks great in her Playmate Preview pictorial, and might just surprise us to no end, come April
  • Oh, and did I mention Jo Garcia is our next CYBER GIRL OF THE YEAR!? I might've forgotten to...

Friday, March 7, 2008

#6 - Jodi Ann Paterson

In the heart of the Playmate Golden Era, the 1999 class was a formidable one filled with instant and future stars, many to be forever remembered as some of the great recent legends of Playboy history. It's hard to believe it's been nine years, but 1999 was, to some extent, the pinnacle of Playmate appearances and quality, and it set the bar for fantastic girls forever afterwards. In 1999, girls like Jaimie Bergman (#8 on our list) turned the tide of sexuality; Stacy Fuson, Alexandria Karlsen, Natalia Sokolova, Tishara Cousino, Kimberly Spicer, Jennifer Rovero, Kristi Cline... the list goes on. Even #24 Cara Wakelin appeared late to finish off one of the most memorable years in Playboy history... one rife with some of the most beautiful and memorable faces ever. But guess who took the Playmate of the Year crown for this year? No, it wasn't any of the Playmates mentioned. Instead, it was Miss October 1999, Jodi Ann Paterson, who won over her fans and also became Playmate of the Year 2000. It was she who stuck out from this pack of amazing talent, and rightfully so... Jodi is one of the greatest Playmates in history because of the plethora of factors that she contributed before the dawn of the new millennium.

Jodi Ann was like nothing ever before her, and will never be matched. She took things in a new direction by bringing about her very unique Indonesian heritage and mixing it in with progressive pictorial posing styles, into a mix that really hit the mark perfectly picture-for-picture. The dynamics of her pictorials were astounding, as well, as Jodi Ann really found ways to innovate and create themes with just her body that no one else did. Not to mention, Jodi's body is fantastic, and her exotic appeal certainly doesn't hurt either. Jodi was one thing above all: a true Playmate superstar. She, perhaps more than any other Playmate of the Year winner ever, epitomized the art and flair needed to be a true superstar of a Playboy model. She has all the presence and confidence to carry her through her numerous pictures with flawless precision.

Miss Paterson's huge collection of pictorials and pictorial themes comes from the fact that she has a "continuation" PMOY pictorial which adds to her original set of photos. The original pictorial starts right off with one of Jodi's greatest photos, which describes her whimsical posing style and takes the edge off of her unmatched style. Her body here is so curvy, her skin so wet, and her costuming so perfect, that the photo comes together with no problem. Even as her thighs are spread and the moisture glistens, Jodi pulls it off effortlessly. As she sheds that pesky lingerie and gets into the shower, her soapy self is a sight to behold. This perky photo of Jodi Ann in the rain with a wet sheer top and no pants is beautiful and artistic. Now, start to look at Jodi Ann's spectacular body as it really is, in Photo #09. This photo shows off the zigs and zags of that great, tanned body, and best of all, it shows immaculate tone in her legs. Those thick thighs and muscular legs running off that perfect butt are all absolutely amazing. Truly appreciating Jodi is appreciating her from behind, but we'll see more of that later.

One of Miss Paterson's most memorable pictorial themes is her "white sheets" background. This is the first in the series, and it's certainly quite a looker. The completely nude, rugged body of Jodi is brilliantly contrasted with the white sheets. If you want to see something truly unique, look at the legendary Picture 15, a fantastic showing of both Jodi's crazy-hot body and her enthusiastic aura of posing prowess. This photo is great because of how well it shows off Jodi's extraordinary proportions: her short torso and extremely long legs give her an almost supermodel-like feel, while her curvy body still retains those Playmate charms.

Jodi's PMOY pictorial gets even wilder, going with this white-sheet continuation photo, giving it all a dose of healthy sexuality. Another one of Jodi Ann's classic photos is this pink babydoll rear shot, which is a great photo of her cute butt, and is an amazingly intimate view of Jodi's approach to sex, taking on a subtle approach that can blossom into wild fantasy. She continues with another awesome butt and leg shot. Let me tell you, very few of the thousands of girls who have posed in Playboy can boast thighs and shins like Miss Paterson. They're strong, sexy, and incredible. One other amazing shot that goes unnoticed is this great "aura" pose, showing an almost goddess-like position where Jodi Ann rises above the usual vision of just a regular model. In this one, she achieves that true 'superstar' status that I mentioned before. A warm look gives way to a very spicy backside doggy-style pose, showing off the tip of Jodi's ample beaver, before dishing out another wonderful rear pose with those muscular legs. Can't get enough of those legs!! To top all of this off, look at Jodi Ann's final PMOY pictorial poses, again showing off her dazzling proportions. The pose is unassuming but perfect, taking a look at a candid shot of Miss 2000, giving a little dark spot where the rear entry is, and showing off those legs that simply seem to run for miles. The very last photo is in similar fashion, but she flips over, uncovering her slim, streamlined body that's too good and steamy for words. It should easily cement to you the fact that Jodi is easily one of the most talented posers in the history of the magazine - bar none.

There's nothing like an exotic, curvy, photogenic, pictorially talented, leggy, outlandishly beautiful model to make our list of the top models in Playboy history. Jodi Ann deserves a top spot, and was voted as the first Playmate of the Year of the 21st century because of all these reasons, and much more. She's the total package. She's a true star, and carries the confident posing ability to be able to take her shots to the next level. Just look at the way she tends to her every move without any sign of trying too hard... it's absolutely brilliant. She deserves the #6 spot, and there aren't enough words in the world to sum up just how breathtaking she is, and just how she's impacted Playboy fans and future models for years to come.

Now, we finally move into our TOP FIVE Playmates in history. We've gone through different decades, from McCullough to Leigh, spanning the spectrum and seeing all sorts of variety along the way. Still, there are still five to go, and these five are the true cream of the crop, and the ultimate revolutionaries that led change and inspiration in every possible direction. So brace yourself...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Update on the Races

New developments on the soon-to-be-announced winners of the Playmate of the Year and Cyber Girl of the Year races occur every day. It's a tight one, and since the girls themselves give input into the status of the races through message boards, etc., we can get an interesting amount of speculation on potential winners and losers.

In the CGOY race, the top 5 in the polls are as follows:

1. Jennifer Hurt (24.86%)
2. Jo Garcia (17.68%)
3. Jillian Beyor (16.57%)
4. Patrycja Mikula (10.50%)
5. Mallory Dylan (8.84%)

Compare this to previous poll numbers:

1. J. Hurt - 22.78%
2. J. Beyor - 17.72%
3. J. Garcia - 17.09%
4. P. Mikula - 10.76%
5. M. Dylan - 9.49%

The numbers are more or less the same in terms of Jennifer Hurt's massive lead. While Jillian Beyor was in 2nd place last time, in a matter of weeks Jo Garcia has caught up and moved into the second slot, but still well off from Jennifer's commanding presence. It's clear that Miss Hurt is a steady fighter and a clear fan favorite. What's interesting is how little hype Jennifer has gotten while still being a major favorite. Meanwhile, there have been major campaigns for Jo and Jillian, but to no avail here.

In addition to poll numbers, there have been some rumors lately of Jennifer being absent from message boards and mysteriously disappearing for a period of time. It might be that she's lost and they don't want her to spill the beans, or it's likely that she has already won and is busy putting together her first spread. That's a very real possibility, since Jennifer has skyrocketed into popularity has certainly garnered her share of votes.

In the Playmates' race, things are a little less competitive, but also less clear. In terms of these girls, Brittany Binger is a major leader in fan polls, with one multiple choice poll showing these numbers:

1. Brittany Binger (62 votes)
2. Jayde Nicole (36 votes)
3. Spencer Scott (30 votes)
4. Lindsay Wagner (29 votes)
5. Tyran Richard (19 votes)

The astounding numbers on this poll are pretty interesting to watch. Brittany's lead of a whopping 26 votes over Jayde Nicole is insurmountable, and considering the once-thought level playing field of this PMOY race, it's very strange to see that so many fans are rallying behind one single model so heavily. It's been a gradual trend, however, that Brittany has gained popularity and acceptance among the community. I think that more and more people, over time, have embraced Brittany as a potential (and potentially spectacular) Playmate of the Year, and have taken to her accordingly.

Many are even starting to turn away from once-formidable Spencer Scott. When we last visited the polls back in January, Jayde and Spencer were tied for 2nd place in multiple choice polls with 27 votes to Brittany's 51. Although Miss Binger's lead was large back then, it was obvious that it was a three-way race. In official polls, Spencer was the clear 2nd place with about 17% to Brittany's 30%. Now, we see a troubling trend for Spencer, with less than half the votes of Brittany and falling behind Jayde, as well.

I believe the trend is due to the same factors that are putting Brittany so far ahead: more fans are moving away from Spencer and into a more mainstream, acceptable candidate. Spencer's lack of material and fight eventually drew fans away from her, that's what happened. Even Spencer herself initiated rumors of her drop and her eventual lack of relevance in the race.

Now, as the races are getting more and more one-sided, we can speculate and project winners in Jennifer Hurt and Brittany Binger. By the looks of the major leads these girls have, it would be highly disappointing to a majority of fans if they lost. Some things have changed since last time, as 2nd place surgers include Jo Garcia and Jayde Nicole, but they have plenty of ground to make up along the way. One thing is certain: both girls will have a lot to prove if they win, as this is certainly an overwhelming endorsement by fans.

Spring Forward

For a little while now, Playboy has had a drought, as I mentioned in this entry, where I hit Meghan Allen for being a CGOM dud. I also wrote this one on January 30th, talking about the recent lack of quality Coed features, and highlighting one of the hot new talents, Magen Lugo. In recent months, we've had some problems in the coed department... COTM's like Eve Jewell, Amber Elise, Sarah Porchetta, and Marita N'Shea just don't cut it. Stella Dauphine was the last interesting coed to be nominated, and the only girl before that who was a real looker was Cristal Houston all the way back in May of last year. That's just an unacceptable lack of quality.

Same went for Cyber Girl of the Month candidates, with last year only having a handful of really great candidates (Jo Garcia, Kortnie O'Connor, Jennifer Hurt), and recent CGOMs Meghan Allen and Amanda Hanshaw simply not making waves like they should be.

In March, all that is about to change. March is shaping up to be one of the greatest months for Playboy in recent memory, with Magen Lugo (A- rated) as March's co-ed and the amazing Trina Marie (A rated) as the Cyber Girl! You might recall when reviewed Trina all the way back on November 26th, when I described her as a "rising star in the spotlight." Then, I described her as having perhaps the greatest Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial ever, with sexy fishnet clothing and an exotic pictorial laden with talent. Well, she got what she deserved, and now she'll have an entire MONTH to dazzle us, and perhaps even make a bid at 2009 CGOY (never too early to speculate). All month long, Magen Lugo will also give us what she's got in her coed feature, and I'll be covering it throughout, with details on just how fantastic this run might be. These girls almost seem like they might be incapable of disappointing because of just how naturally sexy they are, so this March should be one to remember.

On top of that, Janine Habeck is in the Cyber Girl Xtra feature this month! We'll check that one out too.

To tie it all together, let's examine the new portfolio pictorial from Ida Ljungqvist, our Miss March 2008. From the moment I saw Ida in the preview pictorials, I knew that she was a singular talent with uniqueness that can't be matched by anything we've ever seen before. But in her portfolio, you truly realize just how amazing she is.

Ida's mix of Tanzanian and Swedish blood make her a really great treat on the eyes. She has a striking face, a radiant smile, and a dark African body that really make her spectacular. On top of all that, she has great talents and has some great abilities to convey an element of mystery that makes her one in a million. So let's get to it...

Ida throws out an array of photos that follow the same central theme: they cater very well to Ida's body type and look. One of her magazine photos is this one, which shows the hourglass curvature of her very busty body. The second one is the only photo from a great, wet, and frazzled look that doesn't fit Ida's persona perfectly, but it's sexy nonetheless. From these, you can see the different environments where Ida is comfortable, as she flips between all of them flawlessly. Perhaps her best photo in the series is Photo #6, which is a fine showing of Ida's glowing look. She captures the camera with sexy eyes, and her body is undeniably amazing. Perhaps one of the great Playmate bodies since Heather Rene Smith of last year, Ida has extraordinarily large breasts and a butt to behold.

This head shot
kicks off a new phase of the pictorial, and is also one of Ida's best photos, giving a sense of just how beautiful she is from above her bust. This photo gives a sense of the voluptuousness of Ida (she's a short 5'4" but 108 lbs.). Playboy did a great job in choosing this relative newcomer as Playmate, because she's just so unique with her thicker-than-usual thighs and uniquely shaped facial features (from her African genetics, of course). Take another look at Ida from behind, and you'll fall in love with her posing abilities. Towards the end of the pictorial, Ida shows her butt again, and closes it off with this fantastic photo of herself, clearly showing her wide hips and her incredible proportions.

When it comes down to it, Ida has the total package. She is always bright and sweet, always enthusiastic. She has loads of posing talent for a relatively fresh model. She has some of the most out-of-this-world proportions of any Playmate in recent Playboy history, with a dreamy 32" set of D-cup boobs, a very slim 21" waist, and a ridiculously feminine, wide 35" waist that really makes her buttocks look like true works of art. Take Ida as you will... she is one of the real girls to beat in this early Playmate of the Year 2009 race. Although 2008 started off with a whimper, Ida might be marking the start of a memorable year, if this keeps up. She is truly an excellent talent.

Consensus... A-

Ida Ljungqvist
Miss March 2008