Wednesday, January 23, 2013

State of the Cyber Girls

I haven't touched on the state of the Cyber Girl world in quite some time - in fact, since Bethanie Badertscher was crowned Cyber Girl of the Year earlier this year. That's for a good reason: this year's crop of CGOM's has been absolutely abysmal. While last year we had Bethanie and fringe candidates like Beth Williams, Jennie Reid, Brittany Leigh, Elizabeth Mendez, and Reby Sky, this year we have no one of the sort.

Petite beauty Samantha Pirie
is one of the biggest
CGOM snubs this year
While in 2010 we had some viable alternatives, 2011 gives us jack squat, and we're in trouble for it. Veronica LaVery and Kayleigh Elizabeth seem like frontrunners, but extremely mediocre ones at that. No girl has had any semblance of a spark, and while the Playmate class has found their saviors in the last few months, we can only pray that Playboy will elect a CGOY out of the final few months, or we're in for a real bummer all next year.

Biggest CGOM Snubs

It's not that we haven't seen any great talent come through so far this year. They just haven't won.

First and foremost, the exclusion of Casey Lauren in favor of Kayleigh Elizabeth was a huge shame, but I've already said my two cents about that one. Casey, if she won the CGOM title, would possibly be the frontrunner for CGOY as we speak. With her sleek body and awesome look, it's way too bad, and we can only hope for an Xtra to see some more of her.

One of the huge snubs so far was back in January, where Samantha Pirie was passed over for Kaya Danielle. The cute-as-a-button Canadian was gorgeous in her pictorial, and her sweet and petite little body and adorable presence really should have won her the month and thrust her into the CGOY conversation. I was really looking forward to seeing her branch out into some more sexual material.

Can busty Andrea Leilani
save the dismal 2011 class?
The other potential star to be passed over was Jacinta Rokic, the Austrailian hottie from June who should be the current reigning CGOM. Instead, she was slighted in favor of blond Nicolette Shea, who doesn't have even a fraction of the beauty or talent that Jacinta has. Jacinta's sultry eyes and exotic European looks are extraordinary. I'm still in disbelief that she was dissed in favor of a completely inferior model, but it's not the worst we've seen, after all.

Potential Saviors

Fear not, because there's still time left in the year! What about next month, with clean-cut and intriguing beauty Brittany Alyse? While not seemingly having the depth of talent as other ladies, we might find that she's a star waiting to emerge.

Or better yet, sizzling Latina Andrea Leilani is equally mysterious, but might offer a fresh, interesting look with a bronzed body and curves to boot. Indeed, Andrea's innocent persona and more voluptuous frame make her a good choice.

Besides them, we're not seeing an influx of great candidates that would hope for. We've already seen the two groups of CGOW's left to fill the November and December CGOM spots, and it is, to say the least, incredibly unimpressive. Playboy missed some serious opportunities to boost the class early on, and now it seems that we might be stuck with the worst class of Cyber Girls in history.