Sunday, January 6, 2008

#15 - Heather Kozar

Lovely Ohio native Heather Kozar was Miss January 1998, as well as Playmate of the Year in 1999, our first PMOY to make the list! Heather came about at the ripe "golden era" of the late 90's of Playmate greats. She won the annual award as the best Playmate of 1998 over such names as Julia Schultz, #17 Lisa Dergan, Angela Little, Vanessa Gleason, Laura Cover, Tiffany Taylor, and even the Dahm triplets! It's debatable as to whether she should have won, but the fact that she stifled all of this stiff competition makes her a formidable force of the 90's.

If you don't recognize Heather's curly blond locks and outstanding posing presence, just take some time to peruse her extensive pictorial. Heather was a dynamic poser with constant movement and consistency where it mattered most: allowing a sexual aura in each and every one of her photos. Ultimately, it was Heather who ushered in the era of hot and edgy Playmates with her large breasts and bleached pubic hair, not to mention that piercing face that can capture just about any scene perfectly.

Heather does an amazing job of putting together a timeless pictorial. It starts with her lace sheets poses, where production value takes center stage. One of the best photos of all-time is Heather's awesome Pic 2, which takes the lacy cloth and puts a sexy silhouette to it, leaning up against the table and letting the soft light trickle through her breasts. Absolutely magnificent. The limousine offers an interesting montage and puts things on a personal level, with the "purring cat", the departure (with awesome busty lighting yet again), and this very spicy shot with that slightly intimidating look that Heather does very well.

All of this is good, but Heather is definitely at her best in shots where her breasts were prominently featured. This great side shot shows a flowing posing style, while this swooping photo is one of Heather's very best, showcasing lots of cleavage and the amazing curvature of her buttocks, as well. Top it all off with this breathtaking dreamlike pose, sprawled out on the bed, this head-to-toe beauty shot, and this final shot in the shadows, and you get one of the greatest girls to ever grace Playboy's pages.

Once you see Heather's extensive entry into the annals of Playboy history, it's no wonder she's one of the best that ever lived. Heather presented us with poise and grace during her tenure as Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year. Given the great girls that emerged in the late 90's, we're bound to see more girls from this era, and many of the girls from here have already made our list. Heather's entry at #15 brings us closer to the top 10, and interesting timeline trends can be drawn from which eras these girls were selected from, as well as which ones were chosen for their ability to make an impact on the fabric of Playboy's history.

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