Sunday, December 30, 2007

Featured Photo - 12/30

This week's featured photo is a breathtaking shot of some of my favorite Playboy twins, the recent Misses December 2003, Sarah and Deisy Teles. The minute I heard the news that these brilliant Brazilian twins would be Playmates, it excited me to the point where I wished for a dynamic posing style similar to the Bernaola twins of 2000. Great chemistry makes great duos, and Sarah and Deisy were no different.

This shot is from their portfolio series, and depicts them taking an outdoor beachside shower. I loved the premise of the sudsy set, since it allowed both girls to really play off each other and feed off of the intense sexual aura by touching each other and lathering each other down. The result was a shot like this one. I always love it when two girls go back to back and almost show a 360-degree view of their bodies, and these twins have almost identical bodies with awesome features. The girls grind up against each other in this pictorial in a pseudo-sexual pose, while Sarah's soaped-up ass is front-and-center. The sense of pleasure in Deisy's facial expression is very awesome, and it's just an overall natural shot full of passion. Beautiful!

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