Saturday, January 26, 2008

#11 - Angela Little

Golden Era Playmates were in a category by themselves in the late 1990s, with their confidence and talent permeating everything previously shown in the pages of Playboy. One of these Playmates was Angela Little, who was Miss August 1998. Angela was part of the very elite class of 1998, at a time when girls like (#15) Heather Kozar, Julia Schultz, (#17) Lisa Dergan, Vanessa Gleason, Laura Cover, and the Dahm triplets were competing for the crown. Angela was arguably one of the more impactful Playmates of the class of '98, redefining the style and sensibilities of a Playboy girl when she made her debut.

Angela was like nothing ever before her. She broke the mold in so many different ways that she deserves to be mentioned as one of the greatest and sexiest Playmates ever. For starters, her name said it all: Angela was quite small for a model, only 5'2". She also had a very youthful look to her... like a bright-eyed girl with an extremely playful and upbeat approach to pictorials. But on the flipside, Angela could play both sides like no one else, and could appear as a sex-driven blonde vixen when she wanted to be. A total enigma of Playboy history, Angela was one of the proudest moments in Playmate selection.

Angela gave us a wealth of photos due to her popularity with fan bases. One of her more unique photos is her lollipop shot, giving you a picture of her "bombshell" nature and how she can give you that cute, wholesome look while also being unbelievably sexual. Angela's dimly-lit "milk" pictorial shows off her great body and awesome sexuality. From the famous Pic 15, it's easy to see why Angela is one of the more unique Playmates ever. You can see her small frame and how masterfully it's shot so that it gets its own sense of appeal. This awesome photo is sultry and is a departure from Angela's cutsie look, showing you her incredible dynamics. Angela can pierce into the camera with just one look, so she has all the goods to back up her Playmate appearance, and then some. The fact is that Angela had it all, and had amazing posing talent that put her with the Playboy elite. Just look at this doggy-style photo, with its classic playfulness and active sexual undertones. Even her butt is fantastic.

If that's all not enough, look at Angela's centerfold, one of the finest ever. It's perfectly shot in every single way: her breasts are all-natural and just right, the curve of her buttocks is scintillating, and the look on her face and the lifting of that dress... it just makes you want to melt.

Angela was undoubtedly one of the most unexpected and unique Playmates of all-time. She made waves by showing that you don't have to be the prototypical model to gain the support of fans and be an elite nude model. She did it all with posing abilities on all ends of the spectrum: from cozy, girl next door action to an all-out sexual extravaganza. Angela knew how to work it, and was beautiful and mature while doing it all.

After all that goodness, it's now time to set our sights on the Top 10. Remember, these are my top 10 Playmates of ALL TIME, so it's a daunting task and certainly there will be much debate. However, I don't think you could say that any of these girls so far aren't deserving of their titles. And if you do think that, please check out the photos that I've outlined... it's sure to change your mind.

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