Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coed Drought

We've had a concerning drought in good Coed of the Month girls recently. Now Playboy, I understand that you're concerned with finding new types of talent aside from your Playmates and Cyber Girls here and there, but come on! There are PLENTY of hot college girls around the country, and it shouldn't be very hard to find them. However, it's been really disconcerting how long it's been since we've had a decent coed.

The last decent Coed of the Month was Miss May, Cristal Houston. Yes, May. Since then, we've had flops like Haydn Porter, Shawna Marie, Sarah Porchetta, and the recent rock-bottom, Marita N'Shea. These girls have no sense of how to pose, have very little to offer, and only Stella Dauphine in September had any talent at all. She was sexy and could move well, but even she wasn't close to offering something that potentially could be an awesome crop of candidates.

Remember when they were great month-after-month? The great Jennifer Hurt? The gorgeous Courtney Tyler (whom I think deserved a MUCH bigger break)?

Well, how about this month... things are certainly starting to look promising. Eve Jewell was the unfortunate winner for January, but February looks like it's got some great candidates. Brooke Taylor is a fox, and looks lean and mean in all of her pictures. She looks a bit one-dimensional compared to competitor Whitney Leigh, who looks pretty intriguing. Whitney is unique and beautiful, and I'd love to see a month's worth of her to find out what she has to offer. She's got some nice photos, but it's absolutely not enough to figure out about her, except for the fact that she's got a really bright smile and a killer body.

But what's really got me fired up is the way March ended. The January 31st coed is Magen Lugo. A spunky Northern Illinois psychology major, Magen works it hard in her ten photos, perhaps putting on one of the greatest Coed of the Week pictorials ever. Her first photo is amazing, with her cute skimpy outfit both scintillating and charming. Magen is truly a gorgeous young lady, with a great smile, excellent hair, and just an overall natural look. Magen isn't voluptuous or overly gifted, but it's how she looks with that petite frame and sexy tan that sells her to the audience. Her finest photo is one even a Playmate would be proud of, twisting and bending her legs in a spectacular display of photogenic skills. All in all, I'm very excited about Magen's future, and it would be an atrocity if she was neglected in the running for the February Coed! So go out there and VOTE!

Consensus... A-

Magen Lugo
January 31st 2008
Coed of the Week

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