Monday, January 21, 2008

#13 - Jennifer Walcott

Near the tail-end of the Playmate Golden Era of the late 1990's and early 2000's, Jennifer Walcott became Miss August 2001. The class of 2001 led a marked change to the "superstarlet" style of Playmates in the 2000s, with girls like Crista Nicole (#21 on this ranking), 2002 PMOY Dalene Kurtis, and Lindsey Vuolo. These girls were ultra-sexual, and left behind the artistic subtleties of Playmates past. Instead, these girls were on a mission to send a message of voluptuous sexuality to the audience, and Jennifer was in the forefront of that movement.

Jennifer was a pioneer of sexuality in Playmate attitudes. The edginess with which she posed was unparalleled, and she ushered in a new genre of Playmates. This was accomplished by her strong, confident posing style, her innate beauty, and her gorgeous, tough body which was visibly rock-hard from each and every one of her photographs. Jennifer constantly strived for variety in her pictorials, and it shows the precision with which she mixed things up and took risks.

Jennifer's great clothed shot shows a gym motif, which suits her perfectly. Her cute facade is depicted very well at the punching bag, where her lovely smile captures the scene. What really sold Jennifer for fans, however, was her ability to strike eccentric poses that oozed sex. In the bathtub, she shined her brightest. This interesting and alluringly candid photo of her shaving and grooming her pubic hair is an interesting and edgy shot, endearing her to a broader sense. She can be very personal and sensitive when she wants to be, such as in these shots, with her eyes giving off an innocent sense of vulnerability. Her little cotton shorts are beautifully matched to her body, as well. This zoomed photo captures the subtleties and outrageously sculpted features of Miss Walcott's firm body. Her breasts were large and substantial, and her attitude helped wrap it all up. Even her butt looks breathtaking and her face looks bold in this edgy Pic 37. On the bed, Jennifer continues to impress, with Pic 47 being one of her finest and most sexual performances, giving a peek at her lovely lips down under. Best of all, Jennifer maintains that mature, feminine presence that can really sell the in-your-face sexuality that she offers.

When it comes down to having a vast collection of powerful photo work and to being a model who exemplifies the evolution of what it means to be a Playmate, Jennifer Walcott had it down. She moved and posed in beautiful montages that really took Playboy into the 21st century, and did it all with an amazing body and an even more beautiful smile. Now, as we pass the halfway point in our countdown of the Top 25 of all-time, the race gets even tougher, with the true elites of Playboy history making appearances. I'm telling you, what you're about to see are the real game-changers in Playboy history... the gals who built the modern tradition and wowed audiences like no other.

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