Sunday, December 23, 2007

CGOM Movers and Shakers

The Cyber Girl year comes to an end with all of the monthly contenders in for the final race. The Cyber Girl of the Year is an especially important race, since the winner shows us her goods for an entire year, month-by-month in extensive pictorials. We're getting Breann McGregor right now, and we have to unfortunately endure her monotony and lack of variety month after month. Maybe next year we can do better, folks?

That's why I urge you all to vote for CGOY, including regular Playmate voting. The year closed out with Brie Anna, a lovely girl. I'm on the verge of working on a Cyber Girl review of candidates for CGOY 2008, so stay tuned for a complete review and ranking of the contenders for this crucial award.

In the meantime, let's run down the next couple of months and the pictorials that I think will win these CGOW's their monthly nominations for the next race. These girls, in my opinion, should be immediate contenders for CGOY 2009, so let's get an early start on the new year!

January 2008 - Meghan Allen
I mentioned Meghan a while back when her striking beauty caused me to notice her over Francessca DeMarco in September. Meghan is awesomely proportioned, has gorgeous hair, and incredible, piercing eyes. She might look like a prototypical blond girl at first, but look closer and she's really quite nice to look at. I'm just itching to see next month when we find out the winner... and the thought of Meghan in a whole series of month-long pictorials makes me want to ring in the new year with hope. She'd be a great contender for CGOY 2009, also. Look at this shot and I dare you to tell me otherwise!

Other Scores:
Angi Mari Yangas - B
Francessca DeMarco - B+
Maryann Murray - C

Consensus... A-

Meghan Allen
Cyber Girl of the Week
September 2007

February 2008 - Caitlin Ferguson
Caitlin came out on top for me in a tough to call race in October, where she went neck-and-neck with Melany Denyse, a brunette cutie with a fantastic body. But it was Miss Ferguson's whimsical look, pretty face, and great posing style which garner her major points for the narrow win. Neither of these two girls are real CGOY contenders, but Caitlin pulled out a narrow victory in my mind. Her pictorial was just plain hotter, and her sexy outfit was really a sight to see. She knows how to strike some pouty poses, as well, really working the camera with her slim figure. While it's obvious that Melany had the better body, it's easy to figure out what I prize most in my Playboy girls, and that's talent over physique any day.

Other Scores:
Debbi Davids - B-
Amanda Hanshaw - C+
Sara Stokes - C
Melany Denyse - B+

Consensus... B+

Caitlin Ferguson
Cyber Girl of the Week
October 2007

March 2008 - Trina Marie

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Trina Marie has one of the most impressive CGOW pictorials I've ever seen. The buzz says it true: fans are crazy about Trina, a San Mateo, CA audition candidate who's apparently been picked for a great opportunity. Watch out, everybody, this one's a keeper. Not only should Trina most definitely be Cyber Girl of the Month for March, but perhaps she should be CGOY for 2009. Yes, she's that good from just her first, and unless she really finds some way to misallocate all of her wonderful talent, she just might be a shoo-in after her monthly pictorials come out. You may remember me giving Trina's pictorial rave reviews when it came out in this article. I'm still crossing my fingers that she gets the pick with her radiant beauty and awesome skills. She's got some worrisome competition from April Ireland, and it's the only thing that could stand in her way. Problem is, we're going to have to wait until March to find out.

Other Scores:
Amanda Batt - C-
April Ireland - B+
Kristy Joe - C+

Consensus... A

Trina Marie
Cyber Girl of the Week
November 2007

April 2008 - Adrianna Kroplewska
The girls of December look like a great bunch with beauty and grace, but it was Adrianna who really dazzled me the most. Sure, there's another entrant left to be discovered for next week, but I can't help but declare Adrianna the winner. Adrianna has a wonderful face and a finely sculpted body that already looks like it belongs in the CGOY 2009 race. But let me stress this: her face is really striking. Maybe it's some sort of European genetics or something, but Adrianna is amazingly hot. She works the camera like a Playmate but exudes all the sex that a Cyber Girl would have. A real contender for 2009, indeed.

Other Scores:
Destiny White - B
Erica Lee Chevillar - B-
Ashley Lynn - B
Shelley Russell - TBD

Consensus... B+

Adrianna Kroplewska
Cyber Girl of the Week
December 2007

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