Sunday, October 14, 2007

#21 - Crista Nicole

Crista Nicole was Miss May 2001. The class of 2001 followed a millennium opener complete with a bevy of some of the greatest women in Playboy history... girls you'll surely see later in this list. 2001 included lovely faces like Lauren Hill, Jennifer Walcott, Dalene Kurtis, Lindsey Vuolo, and Shanna Moakler. Crista needed lots of muscle to edge out some of these wonderful women, but she does it with grace and expertise.

Crista is unique because her body's proportions are outstanding for the kind of height she has. A 5'9" leggy sight to see, Crista is still 34C-25-35 and still full of bodily goodness. That unusual combination is what sets Crista apart from what you've seen in other Playmates. She's simply got amazing proportions for such a model-like "runway girl" type. This lets Crista use her body in interesting ways for interesting positions in the photos taken of her. She does things that other girls simply can't and that's what made her one of the great Playmates in history.

Crista has some unbelievable looks in some pictures. Start off by looking at one of her best, an a true modern Playboy classic, Pic 08. The photo is like being in a dream, with Crista's slim proportions and fantasy face all in one picture. Crista is simply too good to be true sometimes, with near perfection in her body and eyes. Crista really knows how to strike some unusual and innovative poses, with this sexy outdoors pose doing the trick. But it's this faceless behind-the-back photo that is another one of Crista's classic staples. It just speaks to the absolutely stacked body that Crista has, combined with that awesome height. Her body ripples with fitness and conditioning, too. Shadows and curves work beautifully with her body, as is shown in this dreamy pic. A true asset that Crista has is her whimsical, classy look that she pulls out every now and then. She flows and ebbs in a wonderful way throughout her pictorial, throwing sexuality and a mix of starlet-like presence into a concoction of success as a Playmate. The wholesomeness is felt clearly in Pic 41 (a bubble-butt to be reckoned with), while the artistic goddess-like glow is palpable in Pic 43. She gives you that look, and you know she's one of the more memorable ones.

Crista was one of the quintessential hard-bodied, tall goddesses of the Playmate world. She was stacked to the max, physically outstanding, not to mention her centerfold was flowing and elegant, and one of the greatest ever. Crista's impact on the Playboy world might not seem immediate, but she was one of the standouts in a renaissance period that began in the late 90's and continued into the start of the new millennium. It's strange, though, that it's Crista's classic, bombastic look that makes her so amazing in an era of "new ideas" and "natural thinking." But it's her over-the-top appeal that makes her #21 and one of the great Playmates in history.

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