Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Turning the Corner

Tiffany Toth
Miss September, 2011
So far this year, I've laid out my gripes time and time again. Along with countless other Playboy fans, I've been puzzled at this year's Playmate lineup, with the litany of mediocre talent that's coming out month after month, with almost no end in sight. We are already in the month of September, and so far we have not had a single girl at above a "B+" in my ratings system. The last time this has happened was... to long ago to mention.

Through all of this, I held out my optimism for the last few months of 2011. We have some promising  entries in the lineup, with October and November looking to be some winners. But little did I know that a much-heralded fan favorite would steal the show first.

Miss September, Tiffany Toth, is one of the more exposed Playboy models in recent years. She made her debut nearly a full six years ago, as Cyber Girl of the Week in 2005. She then steadily gained a huge fan following, with an appearance at Cyber Girl of the Month, a CG Xtra, and numerous other exclusive pictorial features. She built her reputation with a tight, long body and a squeaky clean appearance, year after year. However, I wasn't impressed.

I just could never fully appreciate the appeal of Tiffany. I found the constant attention to her posing style confusing, as she seemed plain and boring, with little resembling a hint of uniqueness. You can, then, understand my puzzlement with her selection for Playmate in an already down year.

Let's just say, Tiffany changed my opinion, and fast. What the Playboy editors have done here is take a solid, attractive model and turn her into a glimmering star. First, they have done wonders with her "Plain Jane" look, transforming her face from a sometimes awkward look to something amazing. Before, her facial features were odd, with some strange dimples and odd proportions. Now, she looks drop-dead stunning, with smoky accents and lovely curls that float along her face.

Her pictorial is very well-done. Although nothing revolutionary in terms of photography or content, they are working with a great talent, and shoot her as such. Her posing and body positions are excellently done, as it shows off her great curviness and petite size at the same time. Her posture is textbook posing, and the setting and costuming is never over the top, but tasteful and gorgeous.

One of the finer points of the pictorial is also the sense of the kind of model Tiffany is. She is a subtle model, who can exude elegance and maturity, while at the same time being able to take off and become the buxom bombshell that she truly is.

  • Face: A-
    I always saw Tiffany's face as her biggest weakness, and it still remains true, although the editors have made great strides on this. She still has some odd, puzzled looks here and there. But, her beautiful, smoky eyes and lovely smile are extremely photogenic, and her fluttering blonde locks are something to admire.
  • Body: A
    One of Tiffany's most endearing traits for the past six years has been her curvy but seemingly tall and slim body. She has taut, perky breasts while still maintaining a sleek waistline. Her bubbly butt is also surprising on such a petite, tall woman.
  • Talent: A+
    Tiffany may be the best pure talent since Katie Vernola, and her style is similar to Katie's as well. Her sparkling, polished persona is fun to watch, and she does an excellent job of balancing a girl next door attitude and a raw sensuality. She also is not as afraid as many recent ladies to show her labia, which is certainly a plus.
  • Pictorial: A
    Playboy's editors did a wonderful job of laying out a comfortable, low-key pictorial that prominently features the model, and doesn't add any distractions. Tiffany shines with excellent lighting and costuming, and the pictorial is cohesive and well-photographed to show off her great body.
  • Centerfold: A
    Another great surprise in Tiffany's repertoire, her centerfold is easily the finest since Miss Vernola's, and possibly better. Her pose shows off an awesome feminine strength that makes Miss Toth so innately attractive, but still highlights her vulnerability.
  • Overall: A
    I've gone on quite a bit more than usual about Tiffany, but as I've said already, this girl has got me pleasantly surprised. She is a home run for Playboy, and has single handedly saved an otherwise dismal year of flop after flop. While there have been a few highlights in 2011, Tiffany easily eclipses them all, and then some. She is experienced, and it shows greatly. Her sheer ability to execute a gorgeous pictorial makes her the frontrunner for PMOY 2012, and could carry her all the way to the finish line. She should be facing some serious competition for the next couple of months, but she could very well stand her own ground.

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