Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm ashamed to admit it

I'm ashamed to admit it...but...
 I ran across this link Which girl is making you cum right now. I'm sure many of us can relate to this question. There usually is some particular girl that is making me cum at any particular time. For me, it can change in an instant. But often I cum back and revisit my old flames. One of the guys posting said “Ok I'm ashamed to admit it...but Christina Lindberg”. I can relate to this too. I didn't know who she was, but looking her up, it seems that she is a Swedish model and actress born in 1950 who posed and acted nude in the 70s. I suppose this guy is ashamed of the fact that he is masturbating over old grainy pics of a lady who is getting up in the years by now. 

I looked around for some of her pics to check her out and this one is my favorite. She must have something of a following because there are 17 pages of her on Vintage Erotica Forums. I personally think she's cute but her boobs are a bit larger than what I usually masturbate to. However I went to the first of those 17 pages only to get a pic for this post and ended up going through all 17 pages. I attribute this partly to the fact that I was playing with my dick as I looked at her pics and partly to the thought that she had been making some other guy cum (I find the thought arousing). Truth be told, I imagine that all those ladies at Vintage Erotica Forums have guys masturbating over their pics (myself included). Like I said, I can relate to this because I was initially a little hesitant to post about the fact that I like to beat-off over Jennifer Aniston. 

Here's one of my favorite pics of Jennifer (and I have lots of favorites of her). So what could be embarrassing about beating-off over Jennifer? In the first place, it would be embarrassing for me to publicly admit to masturbating period. Writing about it anonymously in a blog is a different story. Besides that, Jennifer is clothed. Normal red-blooded men jerk-off over naked women, preferably with big breasts. Anyway I've creamed to this particular pic a number of times. One reason I like it is that Jennifer is smiling as if to say that she's amused that I'm masturbating over her but I certainly am never going to get to see her nude, let alone touch her in any way. Another reason I like it is that her sexy thighs are showing! If you share my obsession with Jennifer you might consider joining Jennifer Aniston Masturbation at Yahoo groups.

 A lot of what I've posted on this blog is potentially embarrassing. Sometimes I have to force myself to do it. Perhaps that is because my masturbation habits are perverse. How did they become so twisted? Society doesn't encourage us to masturbate. Society encourages us to have intercourse with the opposite sex. Society also encourages having sex with someone you are married to. If you have sex in this socially approved way the two of you keep the sex act in check. The male takes his position on top even though he secretly wants her up there. The female is on her back even though she would like to dominate every once in awhile. But since sex with a partner involves another person you both try to live up to what you feel are the other persons expectations. As a result, most couples probably don't try out things like bondage. Masturbation is different. You might feel a bit uneasy the first time you blow a load over bondage pics, but there probably won't be anyone around to tell you it's perverse and depraved. You might be innocently surfing the web for pics of good looking naked women, playing with your dick the whole time, when suddenly you run across this damsel in distress: 

You can't help noticing her tits, and how about that pussy? A couple more strokes and she's looking better and better. Then you can't help but wonder what you might do if you were to somehow run across a women in this condition. You should untie her, but maybe you'd feel up one of those sexy nipples first- just one. Or maybe you'd get down on your knees and bury your face in her pussy, Either way, I'm sure she won't ask why you would want to do something like that. And the more you stroke your dick while you ogle her body the better this pic looks and the more purulent thoughts go through your mind. Maybe you'll go ahead and cum to it, just this once. Next thing you know, you're masturbating to all sorts of deviant porn. Not just pretty girls, but bondage, bukkake, and buttfucking. All because it's just you without that partner to keep you in line. It starts with a few innocent strokes of your dick which soon leads to blowing your load over one of these pics and then after multiple orgasms you have another obsession. With solitary sex there's no one to keep you on the straight and narrow- it's just one slippery slope after another.

 Actually society wants to control everything you do. You are suppose to work hard for food, shelter, and sex. The food and shelter part is obvious, but what about sex? Well, if you save yourself for marriage, then you need to save up for that expensive engagement ring, all the wedding things, and that house, the threshold of which you are going to carry your wife over. Then you can have an orgasm every other Saturday night provided it is done in the missionary position and doesn't take too long. But masturbation is different. It is outside of society. You can do it whenever and however you want. Such a powerful source of pleasure and all you have to do is handle your genitals correctly. Society can't tax it, regulate it, or otherwise insure you work hard to be able to afford it. Solitary masturbation doesn't (necessarily) involve society (other people). But society does have one thing- guilt!

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