Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vergeudete Schönheit

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Last month, I was ecstatic about our current Miss April, the lovely German beauty Regina Deutinger, and her upcoming reign as Playmate. She was such a promising girl with a radiant look and a flat-out amazing body. She had all the looks of a true home run, and I even went so far as to say that she could be a huge potential candidate for PMOY 2009 if she played her cards right and used all of her talent to her advantage come pictorial time.

Well, count that out.

Thanks to the boring minds of Playboy producers and photographers, the budding-with-talent Miss Deutinger has been a lost cause. Regina is a fantastic woman. She has ridiculous proportions (colossal 37"DD breasts, a slim 25" waist, and a great 37" butt to match), a bright face, and loads of posing talent that really helps to mix things up. Her preview pictorial was well-executed and certainly surpassed the average quality of Playmate previews from month-to-month. However, Regina's monthly installment brings her back some.

It's just not imaginative. Sure, Regina starts off and looks glamorous in yellow lingerie, then turns up the heat with a sexy black ensemble, but it all feels like we've seen it time and time again. It's just plain boring! I mean, Regina is stunning! Just look at her body! It's brilliant! Probably the best picture in the pictorial is this wildly sexy Pic 07, which has great lighting and superimposes excellent production with a edgy look from Regina's beautiful face. However, it all goes downhill from here. Regina throws in these terribly underproduced nudes, where the paleness and lack of creativity show all too well. That setting just doesn't complement a girl of Regina's type. Simple nudes like that offer more to more subtle, exotic women. Not Regina, who needs more of an in-your-face pictorial style to better represent her outrageous proportions.

Don't get me wrong, the rest of Regina's pictorial is definitely attractive. You can't really go wrong with black garters, so the theme is understandable. But it's not really adding to her reputation or making her memorable. Also, awkward poses with good intentions, like this one, don't help much. I was surprised with this shot, not because of its quality, but with how Regina shoots a totally different sort of look in it. It's rather stunning, really, how Regina manages to pull her look away from a typical "blond bombshell" motif. Finishing off, however, she doesn't do much to keep your attention, like here, where she fiddles with a necktie without much else to offer the audience. A really weak showing overall. The last shot only shows what could have been, with more spicy twists, but never really showing off what Regina can really do in front of the camera.

It's sad, really, that Regina Deutinger went to such a waste in April. She really impressed me from the start. I thought she'd be the atypical Playmate, given all her experience as a top-notch German sensation in Playboy Germany. Her centerfold is a final reminder of the grace and beauty of this amazing girl. Given the shortcomings of her pictorial, you have to admit that it's an awesome photograph. The mirrors technique is a time-tested winner, and this one really does her stacked body justice. But it also leaves even more questions: can Regina one day show us what she's really made of? I know she's got the talent and the ability to show us what's lurking under that exterior, but I just want to see it come out! To me, she's squandered a fantastic chance at proving that she is the girl to beat for the 2008 race, but it looks like she's just grabbed a back seat to Ida Ljungqvist, a girl who really took advantage of the opportunity and flaunted her beauty seamlessly. Alas, we can look forward to another month, and another Playmate: A.J. Alexander.

Consensus... B-

Regina Deutinger
Miss April 2008

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