Sunday, April 6, 2008

Up In The Air?

There are always plenty of rumors circulating around about the all-important Playmate of the Year position, but this time it's still the case that there's very little information about the next girl, to be announced next month. Speculation abounds all over the message boards, with many fans following their gut but often allowing their personal choices to get ahead of them.

Many began by encouraging rumors that Spencer Scott will be the next PMOY, because of a hint in the latest Playboy issue:
For those of you dangeling in suspense over who will wear the crown, we'll provide a hint: she already has at least two things in common with PMOYs Jodi Ann Paterson and Jenny McCarthy.
Although the hint isn't so revealing, it cites two Playmates who were both Miss October, so many related it to the most obvious correlation between the three. So far, this is the only leaked hint that Playboy has run about its secretive PMOY selection.

Other rumors exist that the next PMOY won't be a blond, for various reasons, and that either Brittany Binger (my personal pick) or Jayde Nicole will be the next annual winner. These two also have powerful fan bases, but none has a following quite like the young Miss Scott.

If I was to guess right now, I would pick Spencer, since I have a bit of a hunch that she is very well-liked in the Playboy community, among fans and administrators alike. Not to mention that she's young, fresh faced, and definitely a "Hefmate," i.e. the archetype of Hugh Hefner's "ideal girl." He prefers blondes, in case you didn't know, so Spencer would be a prime choice, what with her platinum locks and sparkling smile. I'll admit that I won't be too disappointed if Spencer wins, since I've seen plenty of footage since my rankings of the 2007 class. I did put Spencer low, but I gave another look at her videos and realized that this is a Playmate who'd do a great job with the position. With all that said, Brittany is still my #1, and Jayde my close second. Let's go brunettes!

So, I'll stay tuned to all the news, but my guess is that we'll have to wait it out until next month. If I do know anything, you'll hear it here first, of course.

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