Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tough Gets Tougher

In this post, I'll debut my new "PB Critic Model Scorecard," which is my standardized way of rating models (both Cyber Girls and Playmates, and all in between). Instead of arbitrarily choosing scores for the women I rate, I decided to put a bunch of parameters together, and rate based on all of them. The parameters take into account physical features and material and posing talents. Then, I put weight on each of the categories, with more important aspects getting more importance. I calculate the final score, and relate that to a letter grade, as I did before. Maybe this way, there will be some rhyme and reason to what I do! I'll include scorecards with each score I give, and recap them whenever I go through my annual year-end reviews. Enjoy!

What we're seeing so far in 2009 is one excellent year of Playmates in general. We've got an excellent lineup already, with girls like Dasha, Jessica, and Hope leading the charge for 2010's leading lady. We've had a wonderful class of Playmates already, and this year is stacking up to be one full of depth and talent. The professionalism by the ladies is staggering. And, with May and June, we've just added to this excellent lineup.

Crystal McCahill was selected as May's gal, for the most part because she's part of a Playmate lineage: her mother was Gale Olson, Miss August 1968. That's no big reason to select a Playmate, and it can often happen that the daughter Playmate is simply not talented enough to make it in the end. I have to say, though, that Crystal is a deserving Playmate with a moderate amount of talent of her own, but not enough to truly make a big impact on 2009.

Crystal won't make major waves either way, but she's a pleasant addition to the 2009 class. She isn't always the most eloquent poser, and doesn't always put a whole lot of variety in her photographs, and can appear a bit stiff at times (and I'm not just talking about her rather silly boob job). However, Crystal still does a pretty good job of keeping that sexy focus and doing what nude models do. Although it's not the most interesting of material, Crystal does have a very nice body, curvy and smooth. She's not the most photogenic girl, but puts on a good show with a good amount of talent towards the end of her pictorial, taking a couple risks and getting to show off what she's got.

All in all, Crystal is a middle of the road Playmate who's a fun addition to 2009, but not a girl who truly has a shot at the PMOY race. She just doesn't have the "it" factor needed to really break through. But, with a voluptuous body and sharp curves, she's worth a second look.

When I learned last month that Miss June would be former Cyber Girl of the Month Candice Cassidy, I was honestly less than enthralled. Candice didn't really make a big impression on me upon her CG debut, so I didn't really give her much of a chance. Her preview pictorial didn't really take it to another level, either. But then, I took a look at her official pictorial as soon as it came out a couple of days ago, and it really took me by surprise. Candice is a wonderful addition ot the Class of '09, and could definitely be considered as a strengthener for the overall depth of the year.

Candice's pictorial is excellent, with a really sexy rural American theme, tried and true by the likes of Jaime Bergman and others. The rustic theme fits Candice beautifully, with shots in tight jean shorts and and excellent production value. The costuming is just perfect, and everything, including the lighting and setting, just makes Candice a model that's ten times improved from before. Obviously, the producers saw this potential in her way before I did. Although she's not the buxom, voluptuous girl that sets the modern bar, Candice is a radiant blond with lots of striking camera presence. Her cute face captures your imagination, and her slender body is tanned evenly to perfection. Although she's not the most consistent poser, she's very, very sexy, and does a great job varying her talents and showing what she's capable of. Definitely Playmate material right here.

Candice may not be remembered even in the top five of 2009 when all is said and done, but that says more about the depth of 2009 than it does about Candice's talent. In most other years, she's probably be a very realistic Playmate of the Year contender, but her competition holds her out of the running. Still, she is amazingly attractive and very talented, with her material being extremely engaging when she gets it right. She has the intangibles it takes to be a star, and that's what she deserves.

Here's what I think the current running for 2010 Playmate of the Year looks like as of now:
6. Jennifer Pershing
5. Crystal McCahill
4. Hope Dworaczyk
3. Candice Cassidy
2. Dasha Astafieva
1. Jessica Burciaga
With a girl like Crystal still being at the bottom of the pack, you can tell just how deeply talented this class is!


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