Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Real CGOY

Robbed. Robbed! That's the best way to describe the nomination of Sharae Spears as 2009's Cyber Girl of the Year. I've recapped the years of CGOY's since 2002, and marveled at how the past choices have all been from the cream of the crop as far as Cyber Girls go. Past CGOYs, like Monica Leigh, Amy Sue Cooper, and this past year's Jo Garcia are all some of the most beautiful women ever to become part of the Playboy family. This year's upsetting result broke that tradition, picking a majority favorite without any real identity at all.

So who should have been CGOY 2009? The luscious Tasha Nicole? Buxom Jia Lynn? Cute-as-a-button Trina Marie? Not a single one... the real winner only made it to the first round, and not any further.

Dana Dicillo was a little piece of heaven from Las Vegas, Cyber Girl of the Week for March 17th, 2008. She lost to Heidi Wheeler, a relative Playboy insider with connections as a bunny in the industry. The loss was plain unfair, because Dana was, bar-none, the sexiest girl of 2008. Dana deserved to win CGOM in July, and to move on to become CGOY for this year. Why? Because Dana has the "it" factor to be an enduring Playboy symbol.

Dana proved it to me with her "Good Fortune" pictorial this New Years, 2009. Dana absolutely floored me in what was one of the very best pictorials I'd ever seen. Dana's body was shining in a brilliant glowing light provided by the production crew, with this initial shot making my jaw drop. As Dana spreads her petite 4'11" frame along those white sheets in a classic, gorgeous, tried and true theme, she looks visually stunning. As Dana continues to strip off her undies in every little flowing move, she looks like a girl with years of modeling experience.

The key to Dana is her angelic appearance. With those eyes, which very well might be some of the greatest eyes to appear in Playboy EVER, Dana is radiant and devastatingly pretty. One look from those eyes and with that slim, sleek body to back it up, and it's hard to argue that Dana has any equals in the Playboy scene. Those sexual hands and lips take it to another level, as well, as Dana really does a great job going from scene to scene with flawless sensuality. As Dana finishes off the pictorial with that amazing stare, it's hard not to have to hold your breath and take her in. This girl is absolutely one-of-a-kind, and might be a girl for the ages.

It was a plain injustice for Dana not to take it all for 2008. It's she who should be popping up on our screens when we click on our monthly "Cyber Girl of the Year" feature on the Club. Dana is a thing of beauty, an almost heavenly goddess who certainly deserves a chance to show all her glory in additional material as soon as she can. What was everyone thinking???

One parallel I can draw is that of Hillary Fisher, a Cyber Girl of the Week earlier this month, and someone who I gave an "A" rating earlier. Hillary should be on the fast track to CGOM, and possibly after that to CGOY stardom, but this is all too familiar. Granted, she has the existing fame coming in from doing Special Editions material, but this had better not go awry. Hillary has met her toughest competition of the month this week, in the emergence of the very beautiful Markesa Yeager. However, Miss Yeager is only a pushover compared to Hillary, who is in many cases the model of a lifetime. We can only wait and hope that the past doesn't repeat itself...

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