Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#24 - Cara Wakelin

Cara Wakelin was Miss November 1999, in an era when Playmates got bustier and the years got sexier. Gorgeous Playmates sprung up month after month, and Cara was one of them. An oft overlooked Playmate because of the exciting Class of '99, complete with Bergman, Fuson, Sokolova, Spicer, Rovero, Cline, Paterson, and Richards, Cara has a lot to prove. This Austrailian-Canadian beauty caught the eyes of real fans of the magazine.

Cara was a very dynamic poser with a smooth technique and beautiful milky skin. Her unique face and dirty blonde hair capture scenes with a natural look and feel. Speaking of natural, her body is the definition of natural. A true outdoorsy gal, Cara's own body is a natural wonder. It's not overdone or underdone, just a perfect balance of breasts and butt.

The main thing I think tells Cara's story is her body. You have to see her to believe her, and you really have to appreciate female beauty to understand everything she has to offer. Cara is the ultimate display of the feminine charm that make women so wonderful to look at. Just look at her stare, and it conveys a playful youthfulness that Cara does unlike anyone else. Some of the series in her pictorial are absolutely jaw-dropping, because of the smoothness of Miss Wakelin's awesome body. Check her out here, and here. Like I said, you have to see her to believe her. Her nudity is so unforced and flawless, without a single hitch. There's nothing that makes it seem like she's trying too hard. She just does it with ease. This classic photo stresses that, and it doesn't stop, with photos of her fantastic bush. This full body shot is one of my favorites... Cara mixes the "cute" with the "raw" as she meshes her smooth nudity with braids and a golden smile. The pictorial then shifts to the bedroom, where Cara turns utterly sexual and her body lights up with gold.

Top it all off with one of the great centerfolds of all-time (curvy and simple, that's how we like em!), and you've got a winner.

All around, Cara is almost second to none when it comes to straight up nude, natural posing. That's what she did best, and that's why she's my #24. Ultimately, it's unfair that Cara was one of the most underrated Playmates of all time, but she's finally gotten her due.

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