Monday, April 19, 2010

PMOY: Unveiled (almost)

Playboy's latest teaser has the fans going wild about speculation of who is behind the mysterious teaser photo of Playmate of the Year 2010. The full photo, featured here, is quite revealing for a teaser. You can clearly make out her hair color, body type, and features on her hands, arms, and hips.

From the twelve options for the year, fans have easily narrowed it down to two candidates: Hope Dworaczyk and Crystal McCahill. Most, however, agree that Crystal has virtually no shot at PMOY, and I would have to agree. Even though Hope was lower on my rankings, I would still have to say that she has a much better inside shot at the title than Crystal. Plus, the body on the photo is almost 100% clearly Hope's, with a long, slender torso and flatly tapered, almost conical breasts (which Crystal does not have, as hers fold at the bottom a lot more).

So, what does this mean to me? Let's say that Hope Dworaczyk is our 2010 Playmate of the Year...

Many are still holding out hope (pun intended) by saying the photo is unclear and could indicate another girl. However, the picture is obviously of Hope. I put her at #8 in my rankings out of the 12 (well, more like 11) girls. That's very low, but she still got a solid B rating from me. Given how deep the class was, I even mentioned that Hope still had a good chance at PMOY, given her large fan following and impressive ratings elsewhere. My problem with her was, and is, that she did not perform very well in her pictorials. This is something I stand by all the time: PlayboyCritic is not a site to grade models on "potential," but on results! A girl's pictorial is as important as her good looks, and although Hope has a beautiful physique and a nice bit of talent, she just did not show enough in her PMOM pictorial to truly prove anything.

Not that she isn't a great model, but there were SO many amazing girls this year. It would be a damn shame if my top 4 did not get a second chance at an Xtra or something. How could Kelley, Dasha, Kimberly, and Jessica all be looked over like this? It is quite an upset in my eyes, as all of these girls were solid contenders with A-grade bodies and talent. If Hope is to win this and show that she truly earned it, she'll have to put on a flawless performance in her PMOY pictorials.

Let's hope that's the case.

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