Monday, July 6, 2009

Send In Your Nominations for the Greatest CG Tournament!

I thought I'd do the running for the Greatest Cyber Girl of All-Time by doing things a little differently. Instead of doing a simple countdown, I'm going to set up a tournament bracket. The bracket will be single-elimination, pitting two Cyber Girls against each other one-on-one.

The field will be made up of 32 Cyber Girls... anyone from any era, be it a CGOW, CGOM, or CGOY. The girls will be seeded based on their relative popularity around the Playboy community, and their status. If they made it to CGOY, they will hold a #1 or #2 seed. There will be four brackets called "divisions," and the winner of each goes on to try for the semifinals. Just check out the bracket below to get an idea for what it looks like.

Click to Enlarge Bracket

What I need from all my fans is a list... I need each of you to list 10 Cyber Girls that you think should be in this tournament. I'll gather the results and results from other sources and personal choice, and arrange the bracket seeding that way. Then, we'll start the tournament and go match-by-match eliminating girls and seeing who deserves the final crown. There'll be much room for debate, and I think this is a fun way of doing things that can get everyone a bit more involved with predictions, etc.

So please, write in your favorites!

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