Thursday, December 4, 2008

Xtra Sexy, Xtra Hot

We've had very good selections for the "Playmate Xtra" feature in recent months, with Monica Leigh (one of my top Playmates in recent years, as well as all-time) putting up some more pictures. That was especially surprising, since Monica's given us loads of material after holding CGOW, CGOM, CGOY, and PMOM titles. Hey, I say the more the merrier, since every inch of her voluptuous body is pure perfection. What a hottie.

But the real story is the return of Spencer Scott last month. Yes, that's right, Miss October 2007 Spencer Scott, who was a massive fan favorite for this year's PMOY race. You knew this was coming; everyone who knows anything about Playboy has been wondering when Spencer would release more material after her paltry showing in her PMOM pictorial. Well, here you have it, and boy am I surprised.

I knew that Spencer is a great looking girl, but I felt like she didn't show me quite enough in her portfolio last year. I rated her a C+ back then, which seemed harsh to many, but which I thought was justified because of her weak material. Now, she's back, and there's one word for her: stunning! You'll notice right away that Spencer looks "new and improved," complete with a slimmer, trimmer body that's absolutely amazing. Just look at it! It's sleek and looks way taller than her 5'4" frame, and when she's giving you a full frontal, you wonder why she isn't our current Playmate of the Year.

When I look at these pictures, I wonder why Spencer didn't show these flashes of brilliance earlier. Although her final black-and-white pictorial is a poor attempt at an homage to pin-ups, Spencer is an absolute fox, and loaded with pure, sexually charged posing talent. If she put up a performance like this in her pictorial last October, she would definitely have had my vote for PMOY, and would probably be our current titleholder. A real shame... what a model.

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