Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Surprise

With my assessment of the candidates for Cyber Girl of the Month up until October, I truly thought that lovely Vegas-bred beauty Dana Dicillo was a clear frontrunner for the July CGOM spot. Dana was positively brimming with talent, and we had one real superstar in the making. I also claimed that Dana should get her Cyber Girl of the Year aspirations in line, since she couldn't have been too far from that title, given the lack of competition so far this year.

Well, now at least she can leave that dream on the back burner. Dana's lost the July CGOM position to my 2nd place pick, Heidi Wheeler, who also impressed me in her weekly spot. It was a shock to me that Dana, a certain fan favorite, was passed over, but we all know why. Playboy has made no secret of the favoritism it's shown for its own girls. If you're already internal to Playboy's business, meaning that you are a model who's been working inside Playboy in some capacity other than just being a random girl they picked up from the streets, chances are you've got some credibility with them and you have an inside track to the higher ranks. It's not always the case, but it happens from time to time.

Heidi is also a Las Vegas-based lady, but she worked at Playboy's club in Sin City as a dealer at the tables there. I wouldn't normally be in favor of a colossal snub like the one dealt out to Dana, but I'll make an exception here. After a month of seeing Heidi's pictorials and videos, I can safely conclude that Heidi is a knockout of a model, and if enough people catch on to her wave, she might have a pretty solid chance at Cyber Girl of the Year, barring competition from Trina Marie and others down the road.

Heidi's first pictorial starts off without a whole lot of flair, but proves a point that is obvious: Heidi's body is cut from stone, pure stone. She has one hell of a body, with all the right curves and fanastic obliques and an unbelievable set of breasts. Although her first two pictorial themes weren't perfect and her looks were a bit flat, her body delivered and she knows how to strike a great pose. Heidi is certainly full of talent and knows how to work it, and she deserves plenty of credit for that.

Heidi's Week 3 and 4 features are where she truly takes off and looks like a seminal star. A simple, lengthy tank top combined with perhaps the best body I've seen this year gives the pictorial a great flavor. Just take a look at that butt popping out of that shirt, and tell me it's not one of the most glorious things you've seen this year. As Heidi gets fully nude, you can notice her fantastic abs tapering down to a hard set of legs, and everything above and below in perfect harmony. I'll say, Heidi's body was MADE for the camera, and it's just a pleasure seeing her move in each of her videos. And speaking of videos... her Week 4 videos are unbelievable, with the first in a sultry sheer outfit that complements her body perfectly, and a second one that's the obligatory shower shot that captures the attention because of how chiseled and breathtaking Heidi's body is.

I'm not saying Heidi is perfect in every way. If that was the case, she'd be in the spotlight far more than she already is, and I'd have crowned her the 2009 nominee already. She's not. She's a great girl with a near-perfect body, which has been conditioned and perfected to the point that it's a dream to look at. However, her face isn't always striking and picturesque, and sometimes she can look spaced-out and a bit clueless about how to form her facial expressions. Lovely eyes and lips, but otherwise she has a tough time with that part of her game. Also, the first two pictorials could have used some work. Other than these flaws, Heidi's physique and posing talent make her very exciting and definitely worth a look. Certainly, she's the best Cyber Girl besides the beautiful Trina Marie this year, and could make a run for it with her connections with Playboy already.

Consensus... B+

Heidi Wheeler
Cyber Girl of the Month
July 2008

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