Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Believe the Hype

For those of you who haven't heard (and might have been living in a cave for the past couple of weeks), Juliette Frette, Miss June 2008, has been getting absolute rave reviews from fans from all over the Playboy world. She's been regarded as a fresh new approach to Playboy's feature girls, and one who will change the Playmate world as we know it. Well, first she had to get past one little hurdle: me. Although Juliette is a fascinating girl, I failed to recognize the innate beauty that so many touted for so long, even throughout her stint as a Coed of the Month in March 2006. With her preview pictorial, it still confounded me how many saw that she could be a potential blockbuster of a Playmate at such an early stage. To me, the pictorial failed to portray Juliette as such an amazing girl as many had claimed.

Well, the post title says it all: believe the hype. Juliette is poised to be the impactful Playmate she was designed to be, and may be one of the most important Playmates in the past five years. Yes, that's how great she is. She's more than just a body in the pages of the magazine; Juliette reinvents the brand with ease. She adds personality and flair to the job of Playmate, something that many girls flat out do not have. Many Playmates are just objects for us to observe, but Juliette is a whole different animal. She offers a natural, human touch to every single photo, and has posing talent like you wouldn't believe. Juliette is the real deal, and an immediate contender for 2009 Playmate of the Year, so much so that she blows the early 2008 Playmates out of the water, without question.

Let's take a look at this gorgeous pictorial that truly takes this girl to new heights. The first shot that caught my eye is this lovely, bright painting picture that reminds me of the old Jennifer Rovero pictorial a few years back. Juliette immediately looks polished and cute. She then goes on with some artistic views with advanced lighting, where she looks sultry and amazing. One thing Juliette began to do more with this pictorial than in her past performances was show off her sexy curves, which can't be understated. Make no mistake: Juliette has a knockout body, and one that's been untouched and unhindered by boob jobs or plastic surgery. This is the real thing, and it's too bad we don't see it often enough.

In her main pictorial theme, Juliette looks sinewy and slim, and her sheer blue top and lingerie set make it spicy and complement her elegant style flawlessly. Juliette offers her dose of personality in photos like this one, where she flashes a cute smile and delivers a full-on sexual photo with a powerful office backdrop. The pictorial truly comes to a climax and impresses as Juliette takes off all the accessories and exposes herself for a full, clear display of her gorgeous features. Juliette's body is hard and toned, and looks awesome in the shadows in photos like Picture 17. Her fully nude body is extraordinary, and I've never seen anything like it before, which makes it unique and intriguing to boot. Here, her hair complements the intricate lighting and careful posing. The curve of her hips and the hourglass figure that her back creates in shots like this one are textbook Playboy shots that Juliette pulls off effortlessly and with great poise. Then, a fully naked Juliette turns to her side playfully, before closing off her pictorial in expert fashion.

The expertise shows finally in this magnificent shot, which might be the classic of the pictorial. It's a piece of art, for sure, with the arch of her back the stuff of legends. Juliette closes off her great pictorial with pomp, lace, and a luxurious touch.

Juliette showed us all that she's one for the record books. It will be tough for any girl to beat this amazing talent for the rest of the year, and for now it looks like miss Frette has all the fans on her side for the next six months. Juliette has everything to be a PMOY quality Playmate: the breasts, the smile, the butt, the posing talent, the loaded pictorial, and she adds the key ingredient that makes her so likeable: the magic that only Juliette can offer. She's instantly recognizable, and has characteristics that are unique to her as a person. Ultimately, she's gotten us all addicted.

Consensus... A

Juliette Frette
Miss June 2008

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