Sunday, May 11, 2008


Announcing the 2008 Playmate of the Year pictorial, featuring our newly crowned leading lady, Jayde Nicole. Turns out the rumors were true, and the leaked cover was the real thing. Jayde was uncovered as 2008's PMOY, and has gotten rave reviews from fans. Many went so far as to say that this was one of the few times when Playboy got it right. Well, I might agree with that, given the last two years' choices of Sara Jean Underwood and Kara Monaco, two odd choices. This year, it seems, the folks at Playboy made the right decision.

Jayde has everything it takes to be a true PMOY superstar. She has the body, she has the exotic appeal, and she has the talent to make it big and offer memorable photos. She did just that in her PMOY debut, putting out an assortment of very engaging and interesting photos that show off this gorgeous Canadian girl in a different light than we saw in her PMOM installment at the beginning of 2007.

Jayde starts off her 2008 reign with a couple of clothed photographs. They do a great job of showing off what's possibly Jayde's most intriguing asset: her angelic and radiant face. She looks amazing in this first photo, looking as bright as ever. Same as in her second offering, where she looks stunning in a purple slip robe.

Her next motif is the car wash theme, where I thought she would've been better served if her hair was let down. It looks like her hair grew a bit since we last saw her, and that just gives her a more full, feminine feel that makes her that much more desirable. It then shifts over to a great photo showcasing her dark locks, also with fantastic lighting on her breasts.

What I thought was the best showcase of the "new" look of Jayde was in her shower photos, where an interesting look from her sexy face was followed by a polished look at her smooth, fully nude body. Photo 10 is just an excellent and natural pose that really shows off Jayde's talent, and offers a great view of her fit, cut, and curvy body. It has all the right lines in all the right spots, and really proves to be worthy of the PMOY crown.

Other sexy views of Jayde do a lot to further her image, but don't really do much to get a natural, intimate look at this amazing girl. It's not Jayde who's at fault, but the pictorial just doesn't have that natural feel that you crave from these girls, and it's a problem that occurs with all the PMOY pictorials. Great photos like this intimate one (a theme that I wish they pursued more with the outfit), which moves into this angelic pose (does a great job of showing off that flowing hair), and then this fierce look towards the camera... undeniably sizzling.

The pictorial finishes with some looks at her long, sinewy body, getting a little darker and more intimate with the lovely lady. Bent over, legs spread, she does it all.

Bottom line is, Jayde Nicole is a pure gem. Playboy hit the jackpot right away last year, and no one else really truly ever measured up, with the exception of possibly Brittany Binger or Spencer Scott. Jayde was, however, the right choice. She's unique and memorable. She looks like an enduring Playboy icon, and not just another lucky girl like 2006's Kara Monaco or last year's Sara Underwood. This one's special, and I just wish she came out with more pictorials that show off even more of her variety of looks. This pictorial just didn't do her justice, although it almost nearly hit the spot.

Again, congrats to the lovely Jayde. My only hope is that next year's PMOY will be nearly as lovely as she's been, and we see more of her in the future.

Consensus... B+

Jayde Nicole
Playmate of the Year 2008 Pictorial

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