Friday, March 7, 2008

#6 - Jodi Ann Paterson

In the heart of the Playmate Golden Era, the 1999 class was a formidable one filled with instant and future stars, many to be forever remembered as some of the great recent legends of Playboy history. It's hard to believe it's been nine years, but 1999 was, to some extent, the pinnacle of Playmate appearances and quality, and it set the bar for fantastic girls forever afterwards. In 1999, girls like Jaimie Bergman (#8 on our list) turned the tide of sexuality; Stacy Fuson, Alexandria Karlsen, Natalia Sokolova, Tishara Cousino, Kimberly Spicer, Jennifer Rovero, Kristi Cline... the list goes on. Even #24 Cara Wakelin appeared late to finish off one of the most memorable years in Playboy history... one rife with some of the most beautiful and memorable faces ever. But guess who took the Playmate of the Year crown for this year? No, it wasn't any of the Playmates mentioned. Instead, it was Miss October 1999, Jodi Ann Paterson, who won over her fans and also became Playmate of the Year 2000. It was she who stuck out from this pack of amazing talent, and rightfully so... Jodi is one of the greatest Playmates in history because of the plethora of factors that she contributed before the dawn of the new millennium.

Jodi Ann was like nothing ever before her, and will never be matched. She took things in a new direction by bringing about her very unique Indonesian heritage and mixing it in with progressive pictorial posing styles, into a mix that really hit the mark perfectly picture-for-picture. The dynamics of her pictorials were astounding, as well, as Jodi Ann really found ways to innovate and create themes with just her body that no one else did. Not to mention, Jodi's body is fantastic, and her exotic appeal certainly doesn't hurt either. Jodi was one thing above all: a true Playmate superstar. She, perhaps more than any other Playmate of the Year winner ever, epitomized the art and flair needed to be a true superstar of a Playboy model. She has all the presence and confidence to carry her through her numerous pictures with flawless precision.

Miss Paterson's huge collection of pictorials and pictorial themes comes from the fact that she has a "continuation" PMOY pictorial which adds to her original set of photos. The original pictorial starts right off with one of Jodi's greatest photos, which describes her whimsical posing style and takes the edge off of her unmatched style. Her body here is so curvy, her skin so wet, and her costuming so perfect, that the photo comes together with no problem. Even as her thighs are spread and the moisture glistens, Jodi pulls it off effortlessly. As she sheds that pesky lingerie and gets into the shower, her soapy self is a sight to behold. This perky photo of Jodi Ann in the rain with a wet sheer top and no pants is beautiful and artistic. Now, start to look at Jodi Ann's spectacular body as it really is, in Photo #09. This photo shows off the zigs and zags of that great, tanned body, and best of all, it shows immaculate tone in her legs. Those thick thighs and muscular legs running off that perfect butt are all absolutely amazing. Truly appreciating Jodi is appreciating her from behind, but we'll see more of that later.

One of Miss Paterson's most memorable pictorial themes is her "white sheets" background. This is the first in the series, and it's certainly quite a looker. The completely nude, rugged body of Jodi is brilliantly contrasted with the white sheets. If you want to see something truly unique, look at the legendary Picture 15, a fantastic showing of both Jodi's crazy-hot body and her enthusiastic aura of posing prowess. This photo is great because of how well it shows off Jodi's extraordinary proportions: her short torso and extremely long legs give her an almost supermodel-like feel, while her curvy body still retains those Playmate charms.

Jodi's PMOY pictorial gets even wilder, going with this white-sheet continuation photo, giving it all a dose of healthy sexuality. Another one of Jodi Ann's classic photos is this pink babydoll rear shot, which is a great photo of her cute butt, and is an amazingly intimate view of Jodi's approach to sex, taking on a subtle approach that can blossom into wild fantasy. She continues with another awesome butt and leg shot. Let me tell you, very few of the thousands of girls who have posed in Playboy can boast thighs and shins like Miss Paterson. They're strong, sexy, and incredible. One other amazing shot that goes unnoticed is this great "aura" pose, showing an almost goddess-like position where Jodi Ann rises above the usual vision of just a regular model. In this one, she achieves that true 'superstar' status that I mentioned before. A warm look gives way to a very spicy backside doggy-style pose, showing off the tip of Jodi's ample beaver, before dishing out another wonderful rear pose with those muscular legs. Can't get enough of those legs!! To top all of this off, look at Jodi Ann's final PMOY pictorial poses, again showing off her dazzling proportions. The pose is unassuming but perfect, taking a look at a candid shot of Miss 2000, giving a little dark spot where the rear entry is, and showing off those legs that simply seem to run for miles. The very last photo is in similar fashion, but she flips over, uncovering her slim, streamlined body that's too good and steamy for words. It should easily cement to you the fact that Jodi is easily one of the most talented posers in the history of the magazine - bar none.

There's nothing like an exotic, curvy, photogenic, pictorially talented, leggy, outlandishly beautiful model to make our list of the top models in Playboy history. Jodi Ann deserves a top spot, and was voted as the first Playmate of the Year of the 21st century because of all these reasons, and much more. She's the total package. She's a true star, and carries the confident posing ability to be able to take her shots to the next level. Just look at the way she tends to her every move without any sign of trying too hard... it's absolutely brilliant. She deserves the #6 spot, and there aren't enough words in the world to sum up just how breathtaking she is, and just how she's impacted Playboy fans and future models for years to come.

Now, we finally move into our TOP FIVE Playmates in history. We've gone through different decades, from McCullough to Leigh, spanning the spectrum and seeing all sorts of variety along the way. Still, there are still five to go, and these five are the true cream of the crop, and the ultimate revolutionaries that led change and inspiration in every possible direction. So brace yourself...

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